'The World of the Married' gets 'R' rating for mature content; opening episodes cross 10% rating

The drama starring Kim Hee Ae and actor Park Hae Joon is a remake of BBC's original series Dr Foster

"The World of the Married" Korean drama also known as "The World of Couples" or "Couple World," is premiering on JTBC after Itaewon Class. The drama that aired its first episode on March 27 is in news for more than one reason.

The drama is a remake of BBC original series Doctor Foster. 'The World of the Married' features actress Kim Hee Ae and actor Park Hae Joon in the lead role. The first six episodes of the drama have been rated "R" for its mature content.

Series broke many records

The World of the Married Korean drama

The series smashed the ratings of all previous JTBC drama opening. The first episode recorded 6.260 percent viewership. The second episode aired on March 28 saw ratings jump to 9.979 percent viewership nationwide and 11.023 percent in Seoul alone. The statistics is based on ratings provided by AGB Nielsen.

The series is getting positive reviews and considering the ratings, it is the first-ever JTBC to open to such massive viewership that reached the 10 percent mark in the opening episodes. The current percentage of viewership means at least 1.2 million people have watched the episodes of The World of Married Couple, so far.

Previously the record of highest rating among JTBC dramas was held by 2019 drama Diary of a Prosecutor that had hit 5.042 percent in the first episode. The drama has been pushed to the second spot now while, Itaewon Class with 4.983 percent recorded third highest, Chief of Staff with 4.375 percent and Life with 4.334 percent opening ratings.

The other five top rated JTBC dramas are: 2019 dramas Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency with 4.278 percent, Chief Of Staff-part 2 with 4.166 percent, 2017 drama Man to Man with 4.055 percent, 2018 drama Something in the Rain with 4.008 percent and 2017 drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon with 3.829 percent ratings for their respective fist episodes.

In fact, in the history of cable TV, "The World of the Married" is the second drama to achieve highest rating in its opening episode after Hospital Playlist of tvN that opened to 6.325% rating.

Plot of the drama

Ji Sun Woo, a doctor by profession is married to Lee Tae Oh. The couple has a son. When she thinks she has everything from successful career and a happy family, betrayal by her husband and others makes her world fall apart. Lee Tae Oh with dreams of becoming a famous movie director gets entangled in a dangerous relationship despite loving his wife. If lust wins over love forms the crux of the story.