World Animal Day 2020: End Canned Hunting, Appeals South African Group

World Animal Day 2020: Quotes And Messages on Animal Rights

World Animal Day is observed worldwide on Sunday, October 4, marking animals' patron Saint Francis of Assisi feast day, to raise animals' status and improve welfare standards around the globe. The day unites the animal welfare movement to make the world a better place for all animals, which play a key role, such as bringing out the nutrients in decomposition, carbon, and nitrogen cycle.

While animal welfare organizations worldwide seized the opportunity to educate communities on animal welfare, vet care, vaccinations and support for funds on World Animal Day, a petition was filed in South Africa calling authorities to shut down the hunting industry.

Canned Hunting

Last year, a multi-award-winning animated short film titled 'The Bitter Bond,' was released by Born Free foundation,depicting the canned hunting industry's callous exploitation of lions right from birth to premature death.

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To mark World Animal Day Born Free submitted a petition Sunday and it has already acquired close to a quarter of a million signatures. Addressed to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and other members of his government, it called for a ban on brutal canned hunting industry in the country.

Taking to its Twitter handle, the Born Free Foundation said, "#EndCannedHunting. On #WorldAnimalDay, we call on #SouthAfrica to close down its brutal canned hunting industry. Our petition, signed by quarter of a million supporters worldwide, has been sent to the South African authorities."

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