Woman's Fiery Email Response to 'Sexist' Man After Being Told She's Too Weak for Landscaping Job Goes Viral

The woman was told she would "to handle the work load" that a landscaping job demands unless she was a "bodybuilder."

The internet has a new hero and she's apparently looking for a job. A Twitter user shared an email exchange between his sister and the landscaping company she applied with and her response to being told she's too weak for the job has gone viral on the platform.

Twitter user Dan laid out the email the employer, a man named Mark, sent his sister Charlotte as well as the one she sent back.

'You Won't be Able to Handle the Work Load'

Charlotte's email to Muscle Mark
The email exchange between Charlotte and Muscle Mark Twitter

"Good evening Charlotte," the email from Mark began. "Thank you for [your] interest in the position and contacting me. The position is still open," it said before Mark made it clear that he wasn't going to hire her because he feared that she wouldn't "be able to handle the work load" unless "she was a bodybuilder."

Mark seemed to be under the impression that Charlotte wouldn't be able to mow lawns, pull out weeds, trim bushes and maintain gardens as the job is "very physical" and "demanding." He ended the email by letting Charlotte know she could contact him if she was still up for the job, and contact him she did, with a savage response.

'Hi, Muscle Mark'

"Hi Muscle Mark," Charlotte started off the email. "Thank you for your quick reply. Funnily enough, I probably have just as much experience bodybuilding as you do, which I'm guessing is none."

She then went on to talk about her impressive work experience in landscaping and building retaining walls in Australia. She told him how she checked his company before emailing and how "it would be no more challenging than the work I have completed before as it was to a much higher standard than the work I've seen your 'company' produce."

Charlotte then went for her final blow, calling out "Muscle Mark" over his sexism. "How what I do find challenging is working with small minded individuals such as yourself that I could probably bench press 5 minutes after being woken up from a 3 year coma, therefore I am no longer interested in this position. I'm sure you will have no problem finding the correct individual at your next visit to the bodybuilding convention," she wrote before signing off the email as "Charlotte (AKA not the body builder)." You can read the full email below:

Twitter Reactions

The post has since racked up more than 800,000 likes, nearly 100,000 retweets and thousands of comments with users sharing their reactions to the viral email exchange. Here are some of the tweets: