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A woman recently lost more than 80 pounds just before her wedding because she didn't want to be a 'wide bride.' The overweight of the mother of two used to make her thighs bleed when they rubbed together. The self-proclaimed chocoholic, named Sara Swallow, admitted that she was having family-size chocolate bars every day as a snack.

The 31-year-old woman began yo-yo dieting to lose weight and moved to juice-only diets."I was so excited when Lee asked me to marry him," Sara, a hairdresser from Brighton, said. "But the idea of walking down the aisle - or waddling more like - filled me with horror. I wasn't going to get married in a huge tent-like dress so I decided to change my bad eating habits drastically."

The woman was so overweight that GP refused to give her the contraceptive pill as it's too dangerous for obese women. She lost almost eight stone after buying the 'dress of her dreams' which was around four sizes small.

"I wasn't hungry and the weight fell off," Sara said. "I watched a new me - a thin me - emerge in the mirror and couldn't believe that was me. I looked as good as I felt," UK's Mirror reported.

"I was greedy and lazy. I ate what I wanted and never went to the gym. I only went for a walk if there was cake at the end of it and yet I hated how I looked. My thighs were enormous and covered in cellulite and deep dimples," Sara further explained. "My arms were almost as big as my thighs and I had rolls of back fat. When it was hot or when we went abroad on holiday, I could hardly walk I was so big. My thighs were so chunky they'd rub together and bleed."