Taylor Swift reveals the one thing that deteriorates her mental health

taylor swift
Instagram/ taylor swift

Taylor Swift is finally coming clean. The 'You Need To Calm Down' singer recently opened up about an "interesting question" that she often tends to receive, one she claims takes a toll on her mental health.

"I've gotten a question over and over again that I think, like, has the potential to, like, seriously deteriorate my mental health," the 29-year-old aid to audience members during her NPR Tiny Desk concert on Wednesday, October 16.

The singer continued, "The question is 'What will you ever do if you get happy? Like, what will you write about? Will you just never be able to write a song again?'" The 'Lover' singer then admitted that she began to experience moments of self-doubt.

She recollected that she would go home on some days and think "'What would happen if I were ever happy?' Would I not be able to do the thing I love the most in the world? Would I not be able to write breakup songs anymore?"

She continued, "I love writing breakup songs. They're so fun to write!" As of now, Swift is in a happy place with boyfriend actor Joe Alwyn, and the couple has successfully managed to keep the details of their relationship away from the public eye.

Speaking about her relationship with the actor in April earlier this year, she said that she's "learned that if I do [talk about it], people think it's up for discussion, and our relationship isn't up for discussion."

The singer, who prefers to write her own songs, described her latest album 'Lover' as "very, very happy and romantic." Even in the past, the singer has given many preppy hit numbers like 'Love Story' and 'Style,' in addition to breakup songs like 'All Too Well and 'Back to December.'

Speaking about her songwriting process last year, Swift mentioned, "There are definitely moments when it's like this cloud of an idea comes and just lands in front of your face, and you reach up and grab it," adding, "A lot of songwriting is things you learn, structure and cultivating that skill, and knowing how to craft a song."