Woman Stares at Partner's Phone at Gym for 15 Minutes Without Him Noticing in Viral TikTok

A video of a woman watching her man using his phone from behind his back for 10 minutes at the gym without him noticing has gone viral on social media.

The incident, captured by New Jersey fitness trainer and TikTok user @campaignkjg_5 or Demon, has garnered more than 12.8 million views on the platform since it was shared on March 10.

The minute-long clip starts with a woman leaning over her partner's shoulder in an attempt to watch what he's doing on his phone as he sits on gym equipment with his headphones in.

TikTok video
Stills from the TikTok video shared by @campaignkjg_5. TikTok

"Ah shawty snuck in here and been watching bruh for like three minutes," the screen reads, with additional details shared about the situation.

"Buddy's girlfriend pulled up on him in the gym... If he was actually exercising, this situation probably could've been avoided," the screen voiceover reads. Others were seen exercising nearby as the TikToker zoomed in for a better look at the woman as she eyed her partner scrolling through his phone.

"She just stood over him as he did whatever on his phone (hopefully it wasn't bad)," read another text overlay.

Other people walked by, but no one said anything about it. "I swear he been sitting for at least 10 minutes on the machine," the clip's audio continues. "I wanted to help him, but I was training a client."

At one point, the woman even put her finger up in the shushing motion presumably to someone else nearby. "Oh nah she said 'Shhh' lmfao I'm done! He's going out sad."

The TikTok user also noted that the whole gym was watching and as soon as she left, they told him that whatever he did on his phone for the last 15 minutes, his partner saw it. "He ran out after her, and I haven't seen him in the gym since. This was in January," he wrote.

Watch the video below:

"Hands behind the back and calm. Bro is definitely done for," wrote one user, while another commented, "she gathered sooo much ammo, he doesn't even know."

In a follow-up video, the TikToker shared an update saying the man in the video reached out to him and told him the woman was his wife. He said they had been married for 4 years and they recently had a baby.

When asked what was on his phone when his wife was looking over, the man replied by saying, "other b-tches."