Beware! Woman sitting with phone for 20 hours suffers stroke; undergoes emergency operation

Woman sitting with phone
Woman sitting with phone Pixabay

A 47-year-old Chinese woman became a victim of a weird medical condition after using her mobile phone for 20 hours during her journey to work. The incident caused multiple blood clots in her brain and the woman had to undergo an emergency operation.

Reports stated that the woman, who had no medical history, was going to the city of Guangzhou from China's Henan Province on Tuesday, March 13. But, when she descended from the train, she fainted and was taken to The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University.

After diagnosis, doctors found that the woman had a stroke, which caused the unconsciousness. Doctors removed several blood clots from her brain that measured nearly 2 cm during the emergency operation.

The medical staff clarified that compared to other patients of a brain stroke, the woman had twice the amount of blood clots.

While explaining the situation and the cause of the condition, the deputy head of the hospital's neurology department said that the woman stayed in the same posture and position throughout the entire train journey.

He also mentioned that the woman was looking at her mobile while her head was tilted to the right, which actually put the pressure on the blood vessels on her neck.

The local media reported that the victim of the weird condition did not know that her body posture and actions could result in a stroke.

On the other hand, doctors claimed that the numbers of such incidents in young people are increasing day by day. The medical staff also advised the mobile phone users to be careful about their postures, as they should not stay too long in the same position.

Earlier in February, a Chinese man was taken to hospital after developing a rare condition in the midnight, as he was playing games on his mobile while sitting on the toilet seat and suddenly found that his rectum had fallen from his anus.

Doctors called this medical condition as rectal prolapse and said that since the Chinese man was sitting on the toilet seat for more than 30 minutes, it triggered the medical condition to occur.