Woman leaves 22 dogs in frigid cold barn during 'bomb cyclone', arrested for animal cruelty

Horrific incident in New Hampshire raises concern in animal lovers

Animal cruelty in US (Representational picture)
Animal cruelty in US (Representational picture) Reuters

A woman from New Hampshire has shown how cruel a human being can be, as the local police found that she left 22 dogs outside in freezing cold to die without fresh water or heat during the winter hurricane. Finally, she was arrested on 22 charges of animal cruelty.

The woman named Jennifer Choate was found guilty of extreme actions after police executed a search warrant and saved those dogs from the frigidly cold barn. Local police told media house WMUR that the temperature was -11 degrees Fahrenheit in the barn where she kept those dogs.

According to New Hampshire Union Leader, Alexandria Police Chief, Donald Sullivan said, "It was so wide open that the dogs couldn't maintain their body heat."

According to reports, the temperature was so low that when Sullivan poured water for the dogs, it got frozen. Later the authority sent those dogs to the NH Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Stratham.

This is not the first time when authorities have found Jennifer involved in such bizarre events, as she has faced charges in the past when a fire broke out at her property in Bristol and she lost 36 German shepherd dogs. 27 dogs out of those victims were killed in the fire and the rest were relocated.

However, in the recent case, while describing the condition of the rescued dogs, a neighbour named April Nguyen said, "[I'm] furious. I've been very concerned."

April also mentioned that she could "count at least five different barks, but I had no idea how many animals were in there."

The story gains prominence in the present situation when Eastern US has been witnessing the "bomb cyclone" or "winter hurricane" for the past few weeks. On the other hand, according to experts the idea that animals have cold resistance ability more than humans, because of their thick fur, is actually a misconception.

As reported by NPR, a veterinarian named Dr. Kim Smyth says, "Under 30 degrees, factoring in the wind chill, it's not going to be safe for any dog to be outside for an extended period of time."

This article was first published on January 4, 2018