What is Bomb Cyclone? Winter hurricane Grayson to bring colder temperatures to US in coming weeks

Weather perils set to increase for US residents, predict experts

A resident seen attempting to walk through the snow on 10th street after two days of record-breaking snowfall in Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S
A resident seen attempting to walk through the snow on 10th street after two days of record-breaking snowfall in Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S Reuters

Eastern US is witnessing a dangerously cold weather for the past 10 days and it looks just like the movie plot of 'The Day After Tomorrow '. Now, researchers are saying that the worst scenario is yet to come, as the winter storm Grayson is expected to bring more frigid temperatures, including snow and sleet to the south-eastern coast and the easternmost part of New Hampshire region.

The forecasters had observed the behaviour of this monster storm and addressed it as "bomb cyclone" or "winter hurricane". They also said that it will cause a drastic temperature drop like hurricane winds.

According to The Washington Post, coastal areas like Georgia and Maine will also face the chilling weather in upcoming days, including the easternmost New England, which will witness freezing winds and blinding snow by Thursday.

Experts also said the bomb cyclone can be explained as an extra-tropical cyclone, which is a low-pressure system associated with warm, cold and occluded fronts.

Hurricane & Storm Expert and a PhD in Atmospheric Dynamics, Greg Postel has predicted that the winter hurricane could be more intense over New England. While the snowstorm will affect the coastal areas, the worst condition will be seen above the ocean.

On the other hand, the National Weather Service issued warnings about the winter storm, where they stated that freezing rain, light sleet and snow is expected to be developed on Wednesday. Even forecasters are expecting a huge drop in temperature at Boston by early next week.

According to Mashable, "Some computer models are projecting a minimum central air pressure of below 950 millibars at its peak, which would be nearly unheard of for this part of the world outside of a hurricane. For comparison, Hurricane Sandy had a minimum central pressure of about 946 millibars when it made its left hook into New Jersey in 2012."

Since the temperatures forecast seems to indicate 20 to 40 degrees below the normal level, this phenomenon has led the US to face the coldest winter ever.

This cold weather in the US has already caused the freezing of Niagara Falls. It also might be an indication of the initial stage of a mini ice age, which could allegedly hit the world after 2021. Even after seeing the drastic change in the climate, it could be assumed that global warming might have triggered the 'bomb cyclone' or 'winter hurricane' in the US.

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This article was first published on January 3, 2018