Woman Gets Mad at Young Girl on Her Phone Because She Thinks She's a Hacker [VIDEO]

A woman accosted a young girl at a Subway restaurant because she was looking into her phone and thought she was trying to hack into her accounts.

A video of an elderly woman getting aggravated by a young girl looking into her phone because she thinks she's trying to hack into her account is being widely circulated on social media.

The clip, shared originally on Reddit, starts off with the woman telling the girl, "You better straighten up!" while she's seated at a table at a Subway restaurant.

"What am I doing? I'm just sitting here on my phone. Why are you bothering me?" the girl asks the woman, who mumbles something (inaudible) in response.

'She's Hacking All of Us'

woman gets mad at girl on herphone
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media Reddit

The girl then walks over to the woman and reiterates that she was just going through her phone as the woman accuses her of being a "hacker." The girl then tries to explain to the security guard that the woman approached her and accosted her for looking into her phone.

"She just came over to me out of nowhere and said I'm an idiot for being on my phone," the girl tells him. "She's hacking all of us," the woman then tells the security guard.

The girl is then heard saying that the woman came up to her while she was watching a video on YouTube and asked her what she was doing on her phone and told her she was going to go to jail. The security guard then tries to calm the old woman down before she leaves the restaurant.

'I'm Not Behind on the Technology

"She's always like that," a female staff member can be heard saying from behind the counter, which the security guard confirms. The woman then returns to the establishment and walks up over to the girl accusing her of "hacking" her again.

"You have no right hacking and I got a nice big iPhone too. I'm not behind on the technology," the woman tells her. "You need to straighten your act up."

"Don't come in and try to hack for things," she says before adding that she won't be able to gain access to her accounts. Watch the full video below: