Woman Found Inside Giant Python After Buying Medicine for Son, Husband Finds Leg Sticking Out from Reptile's Mouth

Villagers cut open the python's stomach and found her body.

In a horrifying event, a 36-year-old woman in Indonesia was discovered inside the belly of a giant python after going to buy medicine for her sick son. The incident occurred on July 2 in Siteba village, South Sulawesi.

Siriati left her home to purchase medication and did not return. Her husband, Adiansa, 30, and local villagers launched a search operation. They found her slippers and pants about 500 meters from their house.

Python eats woman in Indonesia

The search party speculated she might have been attacked by a reptile. Hours later, they discovered a 16-foot python with an unusually large belly. Local police chief Idul, who has one name, told AFP that the snake was alive when they found it.

Village Secretary Iyang explained that Adiansa became suspicious of the python's large belly. The snake had crushed Siriati to death before swallowing her. Her legs were seen sticking out of the python's mouth.

Despite Adiansa's efforts, Siriati was already dead. Iyang mentioned Siriati's three-year-old son and her visit to her brother, which required passing through a forest.

Walenrang Police Chief, Adjunct Police Commissioner Idul, confirmed Siriati's body was found intact but likely had crushed bones. Her body was taken to a funeral home for a religious ceremony.

Snake attacks in Indonesia are rare but not unheard of. Recently, a woman was found dead inside a reticulated python in South Sulawesi. In 2023, a farmer was consumed by an 8-meter python. In 2018, a woman was found in a 7-meter python in Muna town. In the previous year, a farmer was discovered inside a 4-meter python in West Sulawesi.

This tragic event highlights the dangers posed by giant pythons in certain regions of Indonesia.