Woman in Florida Brutally Assaults Her Father Because of His Farting

In a case as bizarre as it is disturbing, a 40-year old woman with a history of violence assaulted her own father due to his flatulence.

A bizarre incident in Florida is bound to leave quite a few people puzzled despite the bloody nature of the violence involved. A lady assaulted her own biological father and left him bloody and bruised in the early hours of Sunday, after 2 AM. The reason why the 40-year old woman committed this act of brutality was that her father was farting too much! Yes, you read that right.

The police in the Tampa Bay Area arrested the lady after they arrived at the house of the lady and found her father wounded. According to the authorities, he had "a bloodied left eye and scratches all over his neck." The police also discovered that the assault was in the nature of various punches. The assailant, Nicole Dozois, was taken into custody.

A daughter assaulted her father just because he was farting Pixabay

Unique circumstances

The victim, Nicole's father, named Michael Dozois, is just 19 years older than her. Even more surprisingly, the two don't just share their home but also their bedroom. It was because of this circumstance that breaking wind by the 59-year old man became an issue. The lady said her sleep was interrupted "due to his flatulence." She then had a verbal fight with her father before turning violent.

Nicole Dozois
Nicole Dozois is accused of assaulting her father New York Daily News

However, Nicole's issues may go deeper than just excessive annoyance with farting or disturbance to her sleep. She has had a brush with the law in the past too. In 2018 also, she was arrested by the police for an act of violence against a family member. At that time, the unfortunate person was her sister who got punched in the head.

As of now, there isn't any information regarding her mental state. It is possible that there may be underlying conditions that make her violent. Two years ago, she managed to avoid punishment as the prosecutors dealing with the case of assault against her sister decided to drop the charges. Whether there is similar forgiveness shown this time from her family remains to be seen.

Presently, the lady has been charged with domestic battery. She has been released though, by the authorities. However, Dozois is now denied the right to be in touch with her father. The 40-year old has plead not guilty to the charges.