Panera Bread 'Karen' Refuses to Wear Mask, Says They're a Hoax Because Pants Don't Stop Fart Smell [VIDEO]

The woman was also filmed blowing on customers at the Panera Bread outlet in Chico, California, after refusing to wear a mask.

A video of a "Karen" at a Panera Bread outlet who refused to wear a mask and claimed it a hoax is being widely circulated on social media. The clip was originally shared on Facebook by William See, who said the incident took place at the bakery-café outlet in Chico, California, on Monday afternoon.

In the video, the woman can be seen waiting in line at the Panera without a mask on after being refused service over the establishment's "no-mask no-service" policy. According to See, the employees provided her with a mask, which she is seen holding in the footage.

No Mask No Service

Maskless Karen,
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. Facebook

"Why don't you show your face and that you're not wearing a mask," the person recording asks the woman as she points her cellphone in his direction with her face turned away.

"Can we get this lady out of here, please," the man says to one of the employees, who responds by saying that security is on the way. The woman then points the camera at the employee. "You're not going to serve me because I'm not wearing a mask?," she asks the staff member before adding that she's being recorded.

"That's exactly right," the customer recording the video then says to the woman. "Just put on a mask. Don't be such a moron," he adds before calling out her selfish behavior. "Get outta here."

The state of California has a mandatory mask policy that requires everyone to wear masks at indoor establishments like Panera Bread and will be well within their rights to enforce that policy.

Blows on Customers

The woman then turns back and tells the man to "stop it" before he explains to her that she's putting him and other customers at risk. She then blows on the man and his friend before telling them that masks can't possibly be effective in slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus just as pants are not able to contain gas that is passed due to flatulence.

"You think that mask is going to protect you? You fart off your ass and you can smell it," she says before exiting the establishment.

"This woman's dangerous and harmful behaviour may directly result in additional COVID infections," See wrote. It is not yet known if the woman has been reported to the police but if she has she could face serious consequences for intentionally blowing on someone, which is treated as an act of assault. Watch the video below:

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