JTBC's upcoming female-centric drama, Woman of Dignity released some posters featuring lead stars Kim Hee-sun and Kim Sun-ah. It will be a pre-produced drama and will reportedly be a satirical human comedy about two women living in the 'chaebol world', Dramabeans previously mentioned.

In the posters, Woo Ah-jin (Kim Hee-sun) and Park Bok-ja (Kim Sun-ah) are featured, the former is a female lead of the drama and the woman of dignity, while Park Bok-ja is a maid, and is seen in such an outfit only.

It is seen that Woo Ah-jin asks, "Tell me what is it you want," and Park Bok-ja replies, "Make me like you."

In the last poster both of them look beautiful in black dresses sitting cross-legged on either side of a sofa.

In the drama Kim Hee-sun plays the role of a sophisticated, smart second daughter-in-law of a chaebol family. Whereas, Kim Sun-ah playing Park Bok-ja is a woman with a heartbreaking past and once she gets into Kim Hee-sun's perfect life she ends up messing it all up.

Their strong characters seem to be really promising and the posters are also beautiful.

The follow-up drama of Man to Man is written and produced by the same company which was behind JTBC's recent hit drama Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (Baek Mi-kyung and JS Pictures) which obviously builds up high expectations. Also, the drama is directed by My Name Is Kim Sam-soon PD Kim Yoon-chul.

Woman of Dignity will premiere on June 16 right after Man to Man, every Friday and Saturday on JTBC.