Woman in Colorado Assaults 12-Year Old Boy for Carrying Sign Supporting Donald Trump

In another example of vitriolic politics in USA, a pre-teenage boy was assaulted by a lady simply because he had a pro-Trump sign with him.

In another shocking example of how wild political divisions in the United States of America (USA) are getting, a woman believed to be in her 20s or 30s, assaulted a 12-year old boy for the crime of carrying a sign which showed his support for President Donald Trump. The incident occurred in Boulder, Colorado, last Monday, at around 3 PM in the afternoon.

The lady, who is yet to be identified, but whose sketch has been prepared by the police, was on a moped. She saw the boy riding his bicycle and carrying the pro-Trump sign. She stopped her vehicle and made a U-turn to ride up to the boy.

The woman punched the boy on the arms and head Wikimedia Commons

She then angrily said to the victim: "You want something to look at?" and proceeded to assault him by punching her fists into the boy's arm as well as the back of his head. She even scratched him on his left arm.

However, the assailant's attempts to snatch the sign away failed as the boy was able to hold on to it. In fact, the pre-teenage boy used the sign to protect himself from some of the blows. The police are now looking for the assailant and hope that her sketch would help in the search.

Growing tensions

This is not the first case of an assault or a fight breaking out between people over their political affiliations. Some time ago, a man confronted and assaulted his neighbour because he put up a board in his front yard supporting Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden.

The social upheaval caused by the killing of George Floyd has also resulted in violence and clashes of protestors. The incident where a white couple brought out guns to drive away protestors moving towards their house was also widely covered.

Donald Trump
The boy's family supports Donald Trump YouTube / TIME

But what makes the incident in Boulder even more disturbing is that a young child was subjected to violence simply because he seemed to be in favour of one of the candidates in the Presidential election. Since the boy isn't even eligible to vote, it was pointless to target him.

"My son's a very patriotic person. He appreciates what the president's doing for our country," the attacked boy's father said to the media. He also informed them that the family intends to file a complaint against the lady and pursue the case.

The boy himself was surprised by the incident and, with a touch of innocence, disapproved of the woman's actions. "I was just shocked about why she did that. She probably didn't know that I was a 12-year-old. But either way, whatever age I am, they shouldn't be doing that," the 12-year old stated.