Many Boats Sink During Trump Boat Parade as People Gather at Lake Travis Amid COVID-19 Pandemic [VIDEO]

The supporters of the US President gathered at Central Texas wanting to take part in the boat parade on Lake Travis

A parade for the US President Donald Trump got dicey after multiple boats sank on Lake Travis, according to reports. As per the first responders, nobody was injured. At around 2.50 pm the TCSO confirmed in a tweet that hey had received many calls about the boats being in distress at the parade. They also confirmed that may of the boats sank on the lake.

As per the latest reports, the Travis Country Sheriff office stated that they were still sorting out how the boats went under. A spokesperson explained that it is not clear how the boats sank and how many people required rescuing as others on the lake helped before the arrival of the first responders.

Boats Sink at Parade on Lake Travis

Donald Trump

Around 11.30 am on Saturday, Trump supporters gathered at Central Texas wanting to take part in the boat parade on Lake Travis. "I don't have a boat, so I wanted to watch the parade and do my best to support four more years of our president," Gina Bahel of Liberty Hill said as reported by CBS Austin. "I am a school teacher. I think our kids belong back in school. I think COVID has been overrated. I know people have lost loved ones, but if we look at the not-underlying-issues cases it's not that huge," Bahel added.

Boats having Trump flags jetted across the lake throughout the day. Photos show rough water slamming of a boat. The photographer claimed that the boat did not go under, however, others did. Ahead of the event, CBS Austin had spoken with the organizer, Pacey Chynoweth, who mentioned that she did not take the pandemic into account. "In the middle of this COVID thing... this is a safe, effective way that we can socially distance. We can be in groups of ten or less," Chynoweth said.

The woman organized the parade after receiving widespread support for the idea on Facebook and people also contacted her for volunteering for adding parachute jumps and flyovers to the mix. "I think that this is the silent majority, and I think that this is a safe, fun way that we can speak, communicate and stand up for what we believe in," she said. Medics were also called to the lake on Saturdaty evening as a person had a medical issue on the water but the County EMS said that had nothing o do with the parade.

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