Wisconsin Woman Kills Man During Drug-Fueled Sex Act, Gets Arrested After Leaving Severed Body Parts in Basement

A Wisconsin woman allegedly murdered a 25-year-old man while engaging in a sexual act with him, dismembered his body and tried to clean it all up, but she forgot his head at the crime scene after she became "lazy."

Taylor Denise Schabusiness, 24, was charged Tuesday with one count each of first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault, according to court records in Brown County. Police in Green Bay, Wisconsin, said they discovered the body part in a bucket with a "male organ."

Victim's Mother Found the Severed Head in the Basement of Her Home

Taylor Denise Schabusiness
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According to a criminal complaint, authorities responded to a home last Wednesday after the victim's mother found a severed head in a bucket in the basement of their home. Officers said they found the head covered with a towel. Other evidence included dried blood on a nearby mattress and a tote containing an upper torso and internal organs.

Investigators started looking into Schabusiness after learning she was last seen with the man, according to the complaint. When officers paid her a visit, they found her with dried blood on her hands and clothing. While searching her van, they found a crock pot box with more bloody body parts, including legs, according to court records.

Schabusiness Choked the Man to Death During Sex Because She 'Liked' It

According to the criminal complaint, the victim's mother told police that her son and Schabusiness were in the basement during the day on Tuesday while she (the mother) and her boyfriend were out of the home.

She said she woke up early Wednesday morning between 2:30 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. because she heard a storm door being slammed. Hearing a vehicle, she assumed Schabusiness had left. Shen then went down to the basement, only to discover her son's head in a bucket next to the bottom of the stairs, according to court records.

Schabusiness claimed she went "crazy" while having drug-fueled sex with the victim, prosecutors said. According to this alleged version of events, the man put a chain around his neck as part of a sex act. She said she did not intend to kill the man but that she "liked" choking him and kept doing it, the court records say. She allegedly described the killing as random.

The victim, who was lying face down on the bed with her on top of him, pulled on the end of the chain until he coughed up blood and died a few minutes later. " Schabusiness stated she enjoyed choking him and made comments to detectives asking if they knew what it was like to love something so much that you kill it," the complaint read.

Schabusiness Continued to Have Sex with the Victim's Corpse for Hours

Schabusiness said she performed sexual activity with the man's corpse for about two to three hours. She claimed to be in the basement with the man from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning before dismembering the body.

She said she planned on taking all the body parts with her, but she only got the "leg/foot" into the van because she got lazy, according to the document. She said she forgot the head, according to prosecutors. Schabusiness remains at the Brown County Jail without bond.