Wisconsin Teens Fatally Shoot Domino's Delivery Driver After Snatching Pizza From Him

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Antoine Gee Jr., Armier McArthur, Keyshaun McNealyandDamainPatrick
Antoine Gee Jr. (left) Armier McArthur (from top right to bottom right), Keyshaun McNealy and Damain Patrick. Twitter

Three Milwaukee teens have been charged with felony murder after fatally shooting a Domino's pizza delivery man.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office charged three 17-year-old boys on Friday — Armier McArthur, Keyshaun McNealy and Damain Patrick.

Suspects Accused of Ordering the Pizza so They Could Rob the Delivery Man

The teens are accused of ordering a pizza so they could rob the delivery guy, but the incident resulted in the death of the delivery guy — 33-year-old Antoine Gee Jr. of Milwaukee.

According to a criminal complaint, obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee police discovered Gee dead shortly after 10 p.m. on Jan. 10 in the 4400 block of North Sherman Boulevard. According to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office, Gee suffered three gunshot wounds.

A witness told police that she heard multiple gunshots, looked out her window and saw three younger males running away. She also saw a person laying in the median of the street, so she called police.

The incident was captured on surveillance footage from a resident. Video shows Gee interacting with two people while a third person remains several feet away. A struggle ensued with the two people and the third person runs away.

Seconds later, a gunshot is heard, quickly followed by a second gunshot. The third person returns and charges at Gee and then two more gunshots are heard. As the struggle continued, a fifth and sixth gunshot is heard. Shortly thereafter, the three males run away and Gee is laying motionless in the median of Sherman Boulevard.

Suspects Ordered Pizza to the Wrong Address So They Could 'Snatch It' from Gee

A Domino's manager provided the address of the delivery and officers responded to that residence, where they found a man who said he was sleeping and did not order a pizza.

The owner of the Domino's provided police with the contact information for the order, which led police to the address of a man on parole. Police said the man was linked to an address, which was used for five orders in the last several weeks. Police then executed a search warrant at the residence.

A resident of the home, only identified through the initials AW, said he is a cousin of the man on parole. AW also told police that two days before the homicide he paid for a Lyft for McNealy to come over. He said McNealy then invited over McArthur and Patrick on the day of the homicide.

Witness Told Cops He Overheard the Teens Talking About Wanting to Order a Pizza So They Could "Snatch It'

Later that evening, McArthur and Patrick said they wanted to order a pizza so they could "snatch it," according to AW. Soon, a pizza was ordered to the residence on Sherman Boulevard, where AW said is the block his aunt lives on.

The teens left the 44th Street home only to return minutes later acting frantically and one teen was holding a pizza bag, AW said. He added that the teens also "began to turn off all of the lights."

AW said his aunt called to say that the three teens robbed a delivery driver and not to let them back into the house. AW's father told the boys to leave when they returned.

If convicted, each teen could be sentenced up to 55 years in prison.