Wisconsin Mayoral Candidate's 14-Year-Old Nephew Accused of Raping 87-Year-Old During Carjacking Outside Public Library

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A teenage boy carjacked and sexually assaulted an elderly female at knifepoint while she was returning books to the Waukesha Public Library last month.

Police confirmed that the suspect is 14 and the victim is 87 years old. "This incident is sad and disgusting, but I'm very mindful of the privacy issues surrounding with both victim and suspect," Capt. Dan Baumann said.

Suspect Identified as Cavalier Johnson's Nephew

Cavalier Johnson
Cavalier Johnson (left) and the Waukesha Public Library. Twitter

Although Bauman refused to provide any further details or the identity of the suspect, local news outlet WRN identified the 14-year-old as the nephew of Milwaukee Common Council President and Milwaukee Mayoral candidate Cavalier Johnson.

According to an eyewitness, the suspect walked up to the victim at the book return counter outside the library and forced her to get into the passenger seat of her vehicle at knifepoint at around 1.30 p.m. on Nov. 30. The suspect then drove around while forcing the woman to perform sexual acts on him.

Investigators believe after the woman was assaulted, the suspect stole her car. Officers said the victim was able to give them a description of the teen and he was arrested "a short time later and in the vicinity of the stolen vehicle," police said in a statement to WISN.

It is not yet known whether the suspect will be tried as an adult. As the law allows, the teenager can be tried in adult court if the juvenile is at least 14 years old and is alleged to have committed felony murder, reckless homicide, sexual assault, hostage-taking, kidnapping, armed robbery, aggravated burglary, manufacturing or distribution of a controlled substance, or participation in gang activity.

Suspect's Mother Blames Bad Company

According to the outlet, the suspect had recently moved from Milwaukee to Waukesha. "He has looked up to his uncle who is in politics his whole entire life inspiring to be just like him," the boy's mother wrote in a Facebook post on Dec. 5, in a bid to raise money through a cash app for his defense. The boy is friends with the mayoral candidate on Facebook.

"My son came into a group of young men who he thought were his friends and talked him into doing something that he should've had a mind-frame strong enough to know it was a terrible decision and now the county is declared him a menace to society," she wrote. However, there is no evidence to indicate other suspects were involved in the crime as the mother suggests.

Johnson Releases Statement

In the wake of the incident, Johnson released the following statement:

This afternoon, I learned of an incident that occurred in Waukesha County on November 30 where a member of my extended family is accused of a horrific crime. I am saddened and troubled by this news.

First and foremost, my heartfelt prayers go out to the victim and her family. No one should ever have to deal with what she is going through. I hope and pray for her full healing and recovery.

If what is alleged is found to be true, the accused should absolutely be held accountable for these actions.

No family deserves to endure what this family and this victim are going through, and I am praying for healing and recovery for all concerned.