Wisconsin Man Finds Girlfriend Having Sex with Her Female Friend, Kills Them Both After 'Losing It'

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A Green Bay man has been jailed for allegedly killing his girlfriend last month after he said caught her cheating on him with another woman.

was charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide with use of a dangerous weapon in connection with the murders of Rhonda Cegelski, 58, and Paula O'Connor, 53, the Green Bay Police Department said in a press release. He was also charged with domestic abuse, bail jumping and damage to property.

Victims Worked Together at a Hair Salon

Richard Sotka Jr.,Rhonda Cegelski, and Paula O'Connor
Richard Sotka Jr., Rhonda Cegelski, and Paula O'Connor Twitter

Police responded to a 911 call made by Cegelski's neighbor on the morning of Jan. 29 to report "an injured person" and officers found the two women in a deceased condition, according to Green Bay Fox affiliate WLUK.

They had worked together as hairstylists at a salon in the suburb of Ashwaubenon, according to the Green Bay Press Gazette. Sotka had only recently moved in with Cegelski. A witness told police that Sotka had been dating Cegelski, according to Green Bay ABC affiliate WBAY.

Sotka was 'Humiliated' When He Saw Victims Having Sex

Sotka allegedly admitted to the double murder, claiming that he'd murdered Cegelski and O'Connor because he'd been "humiliated" after discovering the two engaging in sexual acts, according to the case's criminal complaint obtained by WLUK.

The 48-year-old also told investigators that he'd taken two Adderalls that day and was drunk at the time. Cegelski allegedly demanded that he leave the property, however, because of his bond conditions in the Ocanto case, he was not legally allowed to without violating his bond.

Rhonda Cegelski, and Paula O'Connor
Paula O'Connor and Rhonda Cegelski. Twitter

"He said he asked RC where he was supposed to go and at that point he said he lost it, he just lost it," the criminal complaint stated, per WLUK-TV. "He said he couldn't tell [a detective] details or tell [a detective] exactly what happened but he knows he completely lost it."

Sotka was Already Facing Charges of Stalking, Violating Restraining Order, Disorderly Conduct and Bail Jumping

Police then learned that Sotka had an open restraining order against him in Ocanto County, which is north of Green Bay, as well as several open cases.

A review of court records by Oxygen.comshows that Sotka has three open cases against him in Ocanto County, and faces: two domestic abuse misdemeanors from July 2021; a bail jumping charge from December 2021; and a stalking charge, restraining order violation, disorderly conduct and bail jumping charge from January 2022.

He was out on bond at the time of the murders under the condition (among others) that he submit to electronic monitoring. Police then discovered his electronic monitoring device had been cut off and disposed of in a ditch near an exit ramp in the southern suburb of DePere, according to WBAY. Police then used his truck's OnStar system to track him to Arkansas, where he was arrested later on Sunday.

Richard Sotka Jr.
Richard Sotka Jr. Twitter

Sotka Had a History of Violence Against Women

Sotka not only admitted to killing the victims but also admitted to a history of violence against women. "He shared with us that 21 years ago a female and him were in a relationship and he snapped in a similar way," according to the criminal complaint reviewed by WBAY. "He said he hurt her bad and that he went to prison for that. Later in the interview he said he had broken her leg, fractured her skull, and knocked out several teeth during that incident."

In 2002, Sotka pleaded guilty to battery and was sentenced to five years in prison and five years supervision. Sotka is currently awaiting extradition from Arkansas, Green Bay officials said in a press release last Wednesday. As of Wednesday, he remained in custody at a Mississippi County detention center. If convicted, he faces a maximum punishment of life in prison.

This article was first published on February 10, 2023