Wisconsin Car Salesman Under Investigation After Video Appears to Show Him Urinating on Black Woman's Driver's License

Leah Jefferson
Leah Jefferson's driver's license (left) and a still showing the man appearing to urinate on it. Facebook

A Kenosha, Wisconsin, car dealership employee is under investigation after a video appearing to show him urinating on a black woman's driver's license started circulating on social media.

On Sunday, Leah Jefferson, from Waukesha posted the disturbing footage on Facebook a day after she visited the car dealership.

Jefferson Forgot Her Driver's License at the Dealership Following a Test Drive

Jefferson said she visited the NH Auto Sales used car dealership on Sheridan Road in Kenosha to check out a 2004 Honda Civic up for sale on Saturday, Feb, 25. She said she reached out to a man named Bryan Slaven, presumably a salesman at the dealership, regarding her visit.

Upon her arrival, Jefferson said she provided her driver's license as she test drove the car and then began discussing a purchase price with a salesperson, but could not agree on one, so she left the dealership.

Leah Jefferson and Bryan Slaven
Leah Jefferson and Bryan Slaven Facebook

After leaving, Jefferson said she realized she forgot to collect her driver's license. She contacted Slaven and even offered pay to have the license sent to her as she could not drive back to the car lot, which was an hour's drive away, and she had to get back to work. However, she said the salesman reportedly told her he wouldn't be back in the office until Monday.

Someone Sent Jefferson the Video After Slaven Posted it on Snapchat

Jefferson was then contacted on Instagram by a man who said he came across a disturbing video posted by Slaven on Snapchat and tracked her down from the details on her driver's license.

The clip shows a man trying to fold the license and damaging it before placing the license on a car's bumper and appearing to urinate on it.Watch the video below:

Jefferson said she felt "violated" and "sick to her stomach" because the license had her family address listed.

Kenosha Police Department Investigating the Incident

KPD issued the following statement on its Facebook page after the video went viral, stating that the incident is under investigation.

"KPD is aware of a disgusting act of disrespect towards a persons property, a video of which is being widely shared on social media. We have been in contact with the victim and are working with that person on the investigation."

"KPD is also aware that this video has been viewed, a lot! We are aware of the threats being made to the immature culprits and their business."

"While we can understand that viewing this video causes emotional reactions, we cannot and will not tolerate any acts of violence towards those responsible or associated with the business or the business itself," according to the post.

"Kenosha police later indicated it would have no additional statement at this time, and confirmed a detective has been assigned to the case.