WINNER's Jin Woo wears t-shirt with confederate flag

A photo of Jin Woo and Song Min Ho was posted on WINNER's official Instagram account showing the former wearing the controversial t-shirt.

Jin Woo
Jin Woo (left) wearing a t-shirt with the confederate flag. (Instagram) Instagram

Korean boy band WINNER member Jin Woo was criticized and called out by fans for wearing a t-shirt with a confederate flag.

A photo of Jin Woo and Song Min Ho was posted on WINNER's official Instagram account showing the former wearing the controversial t-shirt.

The t-shirt appears to be a National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) item and confederate flags are part of its history. Confederate flags are seen by many as a symbol of hatred and racism in the US.

Fans posted comments on WINNER's Instagram account telling them to delete the photo. As of today, it was no longer posted on the account.

On the other hand, Jin Woo talked about WINNER, his trainee days and his wish to have a comeback in December.

In an interview with Male Friend, Jin Woo said he was given bigger parts in songs after WINNER lost one member.

"That is true. Honestly, I did think I was capable of taking on a bigger part in the past too. All the members in our group sing better than me, but I have my ambitions. But we were a team, and we each had a part to play, so I just let things the way they were. I remember being really happy when we were recording 'Empty.' The chorus part was not my part, but Mr. Yang thought my voice was right for the part, and he let me do it. I was really proud," he said.

He said that when they go to karaoke bars, he usually sings Big Bang songs.

"I like all G-Dragon songs. He is a rapper but he sings too. I really like him. I've sang all his songs. My fans even know I'm a really big GD fan," Jin Woo said.

He said he really wanted to join YG Entertainment.

"I've never even considered joining another agency. Before I auditioned for YG, I got an offer from another agency but I declined. I auditioned for another top agency, but I got rejected," he explained.

When he was 19, he enrolled in an acting school in Mokpo owned by Big Bang's Seungri.

"I wanted to learn acting, so I went there. I really liked Choi Jin-sil, so I wanted to act. The school belonged to Seungri, and it was a school for dancing, singing, and acting. At first, I only learned acting. Then, I saw people learning dancing and singing, and I became interested," he said.

Jin Woo revealed that he auditioned for YG Entertainment through Seungri.

"I came to Seoul for the audition, and I waited for about six months, and they called me in," he said.

Last month, WINNER released their latest album "Our Twenty For" containing the song "Love Me Love Me."

Jin Woo wishes for a comeback in December.

"We haven't been on a break since we released "Really Really". We released new songs in April and August, and I'm hoping that we get to release a new song in December," he said.

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