Pentagon proud of making songs for new album 'Demo_01'

The group released their fourth mini-album "Demo_01" on September 6 with the title track "Like This" and four other songs.

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Rookie Korean boy band Pentagon debuted only last October but they have already made an album that contains songs the members composed themselves.

The group released their fourth mini-album "Demo_01" on September 6 with the title track "Like This" and four other songs.

During a press conference for the album, they said it was their dream to write their own songs.

"We are very close to celebrating our first anniversary and we had a goal to write our own single when we debut," said Kino.

He added, "For this album, we have participated in all the meetings to share ideas on costumes, album jacket design and our music video concepts. We believe this is already a big achievement."

Hui's popularity soared when he wrote the tracks "Energetic" for fellow boy band Wanna One's debut album. He also wrote "Never" which was used in the TV show "Produce 101" Season 2 from which Wanna One members were selected.

For "Demo_01," he composed "Like This" with Flow Blow.

"I received more than what I earned with 'Never' and 'Energetic' and I'm trying not to think about ranking of our new single this time. I just hope many people listen to our music and click like for our album on music streaming service platforms like Melon," said Hui.

Hui said he wrote "Like This" before "Never" and Energetic" and "so I did not write the single with a heavy burden on my shoulders."

"It doesn't mean I am not feeling any burden at the moment because it was our challenge for both the band and the agency to only fill the album with songs our members composed. We really worked hard on this album," he said.

Pentagon debuted with the album "Pentagon" and followed it with "Five Senses" last December and "Ceremony" last June.

In between albums, they toured countries like Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan for showcases and concerts.

Yeo One said they were happy to meet fans in other countries.

"We have visited the biggest number of cities since we debuted and fans told us they have waited long to see us on stage. We thought we should release our next album as soon as possible then. Even if we are not performing here, we are holding concerts in countries like Japan, Taiwan and Thailand, which we think is a big accomplishment," he said.

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