Will you buy iPhone SE or iPhone 6s? Compare the devices, and then it's a question of the price tag

Everything you need to know before picking up Apple's new iPhone SE

Apple's iPhone SE is here with all (almost all) the power of the iPhone 6s. I know you must be puzzled and wondering which iPhone is right for you. The exorbitant price tag means you should be even more careful. I will quickly run you through the comparison between two variants of the iPhone to highlight the key similarities and differences.

If you ever owned iPhone 4/4S or 5/5s, you already know how the iPhone SE looks like. It is more close to iPhone 5s. So if you buy one, you'd need to convince your friends to believe that it's indeed a new iPhone SE.

Spec sheet is where Apple's both the phones are same yet different. iPhone SE has the same power as iPhone 6s with an A9 processor and M9 coprocessor. Some reports are also saying that the new iPhone also has the same 2GB RAM. Even the primary camera is the same 12MP module, which can also do 4K videos. So Mr.Writer, tell me what's different?

For starters, the display isn't pressure sensitive one like on iPhone 6s. This means it doesn't have 3D Touch feature. As a result, even the apps will not be able to deliver the new features.
Next, the fingerprint sensor is from the first generation, borrowed straight from iPhone 5s. So, you would essentially be paying for the dated hardware.

The front camera is another let down for iPhone SE. The 1.2MP front camera has far lower resolution than the 5MP one the iPhone 6s. Plus, the max aperture is f/2.4, lower than the previous generation iPhone 6. However, it supports

No matter what we say about specs, design and rest of the technology, pricing will always be the key factor. The iPhone SE is considerably cheaper than the iPhone 6s. Even the carrier pricing (in the USA) for the iPhone SE 64GB is lower than the base (16GB) variant of iPhone 6s. In Singapore, the 64GB iPhone SE costs S$828, while the 16GB iPhone 6s costs S$1,048.

I will put it like this: If you can make do with a smaller display; are not bothered with the outdated design and not into taking selfies, pick-up the iPhone SE, which will be still as fast as iPhone 6s.
Bonus: iPhone 5s accessories like cases will work just fine with the iPhone SE, which means saving few more bucks.