Will foreign actress Mia Khalifa make her Mollywood debut soon?

Director Omar Lulu is all set to approach Mia Khalifa to do a crucial role in his upcoming film which will be a sequel to the hit flick 'Chunks'

Pornhub star Mia Khalifa

After Sunny Leone, another porn actress is all set to rock the Indian entertainment industry. Early reports said that Mia Khalifa, the uncrowned queen in the world of porn will soon make her debut in the Malayalam film industry or Mollywood through the film 'Chunkzz 2'.

This adult comedy movie will be directed by Omar Lulu, and it will be a sequel to this year's blockbuster 'Chunkzz'. Credible sources to the movie said that the director will soon approach Mia Khalifa to do a crucial role in this movie. The source also added that if Mia Khalifa denies the offer, a similar figure from the porn industry will be roped in to do this role.

Balu Varghese who played the role of the protagonist in Chunkzz will repeat his act in this new sequel as well. The director is now busy finalizing the remaining cast and crew of this flick.

Will Keralites accept this move from Omar?

Indian state Kerala, renowned as God's own country always love to maintain strong cultural roots. Sometimes, this obsession towards morality goes over board and it results in cases of moral policing.

But when Sunny Leone recently visited Kerala, people in the state exposed their real obsession, and loudly proclaimed that the porn actress has a dummy god status in the minds of people. Omar Lulu will surely show the video of Sunny's visit to Kerala, and will make Mia Khalifa understand the love and affection of Kerala people towards beautiful ladies.

Mia Khalifa: All you need to know

Mia Khalifa was born in Beirut on February 10, 1993. She moved to the United States in 2000, and made her debut in pornography in October 2014. Within three months, she was ranked the No 1 performer in the porn website Pornhub. She received many criticisms from Islamic terrorists for acting in porn movies with hijab on her head. She quit the porn industry, and is now busy as a webcam model.