Will eight planets along with Planet 9 align together perfectly in solar system?

Experts believe that the last time all the eight planets aligned together was long back in the year AD 949.

Solar System
Representative image of solar system Pixabay

As per modern space science, there are eight planets in the universe as Pluto has already lost its planetary status, despite mixed opinions from experts. In most of the science books and posters depicting the solar system, we might have seen all the planets aligned perfectly in a single line. But will earthlings ever see their seven neighbouring planets lining up perfectly? Let us check out.

Even though artists have represented eight planets aligning perfectly in a straight line, it is very hard to see such a cosmic phenomenon as the planets in the solar system do not share parallel orbits. However, it does not mean that this cosmic alignment will never happen ever in the future.

It was in the year AD 949 that such an alignment last happened, and in the future, it will happen on May 06, 2492, Science Focus reports. The report also made it clear that such the gravitational pull due to this rare alignment will not have any considerable effects on the earth.

In the meantime, certain conspiracy theorists believe that the theoretical Planet Nine that may be lurking at the edge of the solar system might create gravitational impacts when it aligns with the earth. As per these conspiracy theorists, Planet Nine is so big, and its gravitational pull is much greater than the earth.

Earlier, Michael Brown, a Caltech professor had claimed that scientists are not too far away from discovering Planet Nine. Even though Brown believes in the existence of the planet, he predicted that it will not be as massive as previously speculated, and as a result, it will not affect the solar system in any manner.

A few weeks back, a study paper had suggested that Planet Nine which is supposedly lurking at the edge of the solar system may not be a planet at all, but maybe a primordial black hole. As per this study report, primordial black holes are basically ancient small black holes that were formed very soon after the Big Bang.