Will Donald Trump be Jailed for Attempt to Overthrow Government? Noted Attorney Says So

White House adviser Stephen Miller recently suggested Trump will continue their fight to overturn the election results by using an "alternate slate of electors".

President Donald Trump and senior White House adviser Stephen Miller could face charges of attempting to "overthrow" the government and end up serving years in jail, according to attorney and author Seth Abramson. The opinion is neither baseless nor unjustified given the conduct of the President and his aides over the past month wherein they have been making constant claims of voter fraud involved in this year's election.

The desperation went a notch higher after Miller suggested that Trump and his allies will continue their fight against the 2020 election results by using an "alternate slate of electors" to certify the president the winner, according to a report in The Hill. The comments might sound just as one of the many lame claims being made over the past few weeks but could land Trump and Miller in serious trouble.

Quite Threatening

Stephen Miller
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Miller's views are quite threatening, believes Abramson but more than anything it will only create more problems for the already demoralized and dejected Trump. Abramson in a Twitter post on Monday pointed out the consequences Trump and Miller could face if they consider using an "alternate slate of electors" to certify the president as the winner.

Citing the United States Code Title 18 Section 2385, Abramson pointed out that "organizing any assembly of persons who advocate the overthrow of the government by force" is criminal. He also tweeted that the White House planned and organized fraudulent electors and prevented the democratically elected government from assuming office, which is no less criminal.

Anticipating more trouble Abramson wrote that the Trump and his aides could create a "hostile standoff" at White House on Inauguration Day that according to the definition of law is nothing but use of "force". The author also mentioned that the law differentiates between "force" and "violence."

Creating Trouble

Although Miller made the comments on Fox News, it is quite likely that it had an approval from Trump or he may have been asked by the President to do so. "This is an action that would have to have been taken with the direct approval of the President of the United States," Abramson wrote.

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Hence, it's not only Miller but also Trump both of who can face charges of attempting to "overthrow" the government. Trump and his aides have been making claims over the past month that voter fraud was involved in this year's election that cost him a win.

If such a plan of using "alternate slate of electors" is used, it definitely will be in a bid to disapprove a democratically government, something Joe Biden's administration will definitely not accept, and in all probability will try to convict Trump and Miller of planning to conspiring against the government to overthrow it.