Hunter Biden Laptop Leak: John Paul Mac Isaac Says He is Neither a Russian Spy Nor a Hacker

In the three-minute video titled 'The Truth', Mac Isaac gives a little bit of his family history and then goes on to state his innocence.

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John Paul Mac Isaac, the man who was at the center of controversy after repairing Hunter Biden's laptop that contained damaging information, has posted a video on YouTube claiming his innocence and in a bid to salvage his professional reputation. In the three-minute video titled 'The Truth', Mac Isaac gives a little bit of his family history and then goes on to state that he is neither a Russian spy nor a hacker.

The 44-year-old Delaware computer engineer said in the video that he unnecessarily got caught in the controversy, which had "an irreversible impact on his business and character." President-elect Joe Biden's son Hunter allegedly left a MacBook at Isaac's shop in Delaware in 2019 and never returned to collect it. The laptop later opened up a can of worms that showed Hunter in poor light.

Pleading Innocence

John Paul Mac Isaac
John Paul Mac Isaac YouTube Grab

Hunter allegedly dumped three damaged laptops at Mac Isaac's shop in April 2019 but never did he come back to pick it up nor foot the $85 bill for retrieving the data from the devices. When Mac Isaac realized who the man who came to his store was Hunter and that the retrieved data contained potentially contained damaging information about the Biden, he contacted Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani and FBI and handed it over to them.

The contents later began to be exposed in New York Post which revealed emails that appeared to show that Hunter introduced his father to his business partner in Ukraine. This created immediate controversy, with many believing it to be a Russian attempt to interfere in the US Presidential Election. Many also believed Mac Isaac to be a Russian spy.


Mac Isaac, through this video, has now tried to make his point clear. The video begins with a title card reading 'The Truth', as piano music plays in the background. The well-edited video shows Mac Isaac, sitting in a red Victorian-era loveseat. After giving a brief history of himself, he can be heard saying that he wanted to 'disprove any of the rumors and speculation regarding my actions and my character'.

He also shared the story of his grandfather, a Scottish Canadian who came to the United States and fought against the Soviets, in the early days of the Cold War. In the video he shows his father and grandfather's photos and says, "For two generations the Mac Isaac family has fought communism and the Soviets. That's why it's completely absurd for anyone to consider me a Russian agent, or influenced by Russian."

Demoralized and Heartbroken

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden (49), son of President-elect Joe Biden Wikimedia Commons

Mac Isaac seems to be quite disturbed throughout the video. He says that he is proud of his family, his country and being an American. Another title card proclaims "I am not a hacker." Mac Isaacs can be seen staring at the video for a long time before trying to explain that he isn't a hacker as many believe him to be.

"For the record, I am not nor have I ever been a hacker. Those guys make so much more money than I do," he says. "To imply that I'm a hacker...has had an irreversible impact on my business and my character."

Mac Isaac worked in an Apple store's Genius Bar before setting up his own mac repair shop in Wilmington. Although the New York Post tried to keep Mac Isaac anonymous media reports quickly figured out the Delaware store and his identity.

The video ends with a title card that reads 'Thank you and God Bless America'. He ends the video saying that when it revealed that he was the man who handed Hunter's laptops over to FBI in October, he even feared being murdered. Since November, Mac Isaac's whereabouts are unknown. He closed down his repair store last month and a message on the phone number attached to the business says it will be closed for the foreseeable future.