"Will Do Everything In Our Power": Joe Biden Vows To Free American Hostages Held Captive by Hamas

At least 27 Americans died in Saturday's attack on Israel by Hamas

In an interview to CBS's "60 Minutes," US President Joe Biden expressed his resolute commitment to finding and rescuing American citizens currently held captive by Hamas militants in Gaza.

Journalist Scott Pelley posed the crucial question, asking, "To those holding American hostages in Gaza, you say what?"

Joe Bide

President Biden's response was firm: "I say we're going to do everything in our power to find them. Everything in our power. And I'm not going to go into the detail of that, but there's — we're working like hell on it."

This statement underscores the seriousness with which the U.S. government is approaching this distressing situation. Efforts to secure the release of these American hostages are being pursued with great dedication and urgency.

The President also shed light on his recent interaction with the families of 14 Americans who have been missing since the outbreak of violence following Hamas's deadly attack on Israel. Their conference call lasted for over an hour, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Hamas Attack

"I think they have to know that the President of the United States of America cares deeply about what's happened to them — deeply," Mr. Biden said in the interview. "We have to communicate to the world this is critical. This is not even human behavior. It's pure barbarism. And we're going to do everything in our power to get them home if we can find them."

United States has not confirmed how many Americans are held hostage by Hamas, but at least 27 US citizens had died during Saturday Attack by Hamas on Israel that killed more than 1300 people and injured thousands other. Atleast 13 hostages were killed on Friday during Israel Forces retaliatory attack on Gaza. Israel has wowed for complete elimination of Hamas post attack.

President Biden's words not only underscore the urgency of the situation but also emphasize the strong commitment of the United States in ensuring the safe return of its citizens held captive abroad. This news comes as a ray of hope for the families affected and sends a strong message to the world about the gravity of the situation. The U.S. government remains dedicated to pursuing all possible avenues to secure the safe return of these American hostages.