Will BTS Members Enlist in Military Together in 2022? Big Hit Music Reacts

Here is why Yoo Seong Man, an analyst, predicted that all seven members of BTS will enlist in military in 2022.

South Korea's top KPop boy band BTS is likely to enlist for military in 2022, predicted a financial analyst. According to Yoo Seong Man, an analyst at Leading Investment and Securities, in his report on HYBE stated that all seven BTS member will enlist together by mid-2022.

Reacting to this, Big Hit Music decided to stick to 'no comment' statement. Big Hit Music spoke to Tenasia media outlet and stated, "We have nothing further to say about their military enlistment besides what our artist has already said. We ask for your understanding."

South Korea's top boy band BTS. Twitter

The eldest member in BTS group, Jin, was supposed to enlist for military before December 2020. But after discussions and considering public opinions, the Ministry of Defense approved an amendment to the Military Service Act in December 2020. This allowed KPop artists who have received a decoration of cultural merit from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to delay their enlistment till they reach the age of 30.

Before the order also known as BTS law was passed, Jin had said: "As a young South Korean, military service is a natural thing to do. If the nation calls me to do my military service, I will respond whenever that time is." Jin turned 28 in 2020. Thus thanks to the amendment, he has time till 2022 to enlist for military service.

Yoo Seong Man Predictions

Earlier, Yoo Seong Man had made his predictions of all seven members enlisting together based on the popularity and the income being generated by BTS. He had said that even if BTS enlist for military there will be roughly one-year gap where new content cannot be released.

"BTS is at the world-star level similar to Michael Jackson or The Beatles, so they can continue to generate hits and profit even after serving in the military," Seong Man said. He also said that HYBE will not be affected by BTS' absence as it has high-tier artists to fill for the time BTS is in military service.

He also mentioned about Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande being under the HYBE label and pressed that the agency will not suffer. He also stated that HYBE was planning to debut at least five idol groups [male and female] between third quarter of 2021 and 2022. Speaking about KPop groups [other than BTS] being managed by HYBE he said SEVENTEEN is all set to make it big. HYBE also has a strong lineup of NU'EST, TXT, ENHYPEN, and GFRIEND, he said.

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