Big Hit Entertainment Officially Becomes HYBE: From Building to Business, Here is What Has Changed

New office of HYBE was opened at Yongsan and the company will have two headquarters in Seoul and the U.S. Here is everything about HYBE.

Big Hit Entertainment, South Korea's top entertainment business that also houses the global stars BTS, has officially changed its brand name to HYBE. Not only the name but even the functioning of the company will change. According to CEO Bang Si Hyuk, along with widening of the business, the company wants to eliminate barriers that fans traditionally had to go through so far.

Big Hit Company was not only an entertainment company but had 360business, IP business and also dived into education sector. Thus the name did not do justice to all the services provided by the company and Bang Si Hyuk along with Global CEO Lenzo Yoon and HQ CEO Park Jiwon decided to change the name to HYBE.

Bang Si Hyuk HYBE
Founder and CEO of Big Hit Entertainment Bang Si Hyuk revealed the new name of Big Hit Entertainment -- HYBE. Instagram/Youtube screengrab

However, Big Hit Entertainment will remain as a part of HYBE but will be known as BIGHIT Music. This sector will undertake all activities related to music production, artist management and fan communication. Min Heejin has been introduced as the CBO [Chief Brand Officer] of HYBE.

HYBE Explained

HYBE will have two headquarters, one is Seoul and the other in the U.S. Recently, the new office of HYBE was opened at Yongsan. Workwise, HYBE will be further divided into three sectors – HYBE Lables, HYBE Solutions and HYBE Platforms.

HYBE Lables comprise of BIGHIT Music, BELIFT LAB, Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment, and HYBE Labels Japan. HYBE Solutions will take care of business part of all production companies. HYBE EDU and Superb Companies too come under this. The third sector HYBE Platforms will strive to expand the company's content and services. Currently, it is handling Weverse Company, a web platform that caters to fan communities.

Just like HYBE business, the office is also divided into three parts. There is entertainment production section, office section, and employee welfare section. The office is designed with the concept hyper nomad. The office space allows employees to easily come together and disperse in a project-by-project basis. There is no excessive decoration, but the modular design including mobile racks, walls give space for customization. There is concept of free seating, where employees have to reserve a seat on the company's new mobile app and use it accordingly.

First six floors of the building have music production facilities, including dance studios, film studios, the wardrobe, and a lounge. Seventh floor is a storage floor having housing supplies. The next eight floors will be used as office with modular design and free seating. There are libraries, and fitness zones in the building on various floors. The top most floor has a lounge, auditorium and a coffee shop. Fritz will create a unique HYBE brand for coffee lovers.

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