Why Yoo Ah In wants to share his Best Actor award with Song Joong-Ki

Yoo Ah In bagged Best Actor of the Year award at Golden Cinema award last Sunday

After grabbing the Golden Cinema Best Actor of the Year award last Sunday, South Korean star Yoo Ah In bagged yet another honour for his incredible performance as an actor at 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards on June 3.

The 29-year-old who got nominated in the Best actor category for both movie and TV series, made it to the history of Beaksang awards by getting two division nomination. However, the one which won Ah In an award was his worldly performance in TV series, Six Flying Dragons.

The other hallyu stars in race were Nam Gong Min for Remember, Song Joong Ki for Descendants of the Sun, Jo Jin Woong for Signal, and Joo Won for Yongpal.

After being announced the Best Actor on television, the veteren actor climbed up the stage and delivered a brilliant, heartfelt four-minute speech, relieving all his emotions.

The actor started his speech with a desire to share his Best actor Award with Descendants of the Sun star, Song Joong Ki. He said: "Today, watching the Baeksang stage from the start, seating myself next to Song-Song couple (Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo), I wanted to go with them together. It is quite embarrassing for me to receive this award."

Laughing on his way of delivering elongated speeches, Ah In added: " Apart from anything else, 50-episode drama for me... Yeah, I know my acceptance speeches always cause controversy (laughed). But, aren't they funny?"

He continued:

"I don't know.... 50-episode drama, sageuk, Six Flying Dragons.... There are so many keywords that come to my mind when I'm thinking about last year. I had a lot of worries of my own, but now that I'm thinking about it, they were quite a shame. 'Fifty-episode drama, it would make me tired. Can I make it?' or 'Fifty episodes? Star actors don't do this kind of long-term drama, do they?' Such worries...

Honestly, people really said that, not about the drama itself but about the fake stories surrounding the drama. I didn't want to focus on such fakes, and I felt ashamed of myself who was caring about them. Six Flying Dragons... I'm really proud of it. Including Director Shin Gyeong Soo, Writers Park Sang Yeon & Kim Young Hyeon, working with all the senior-junior actors like Choi Jong Won (Yi In Gyeom in Six Flying Dragons), Cheon Ho Jin (Yi Seong-Gye in Six Flying Dragons).

What I felt is... I begun my acting career 10 years ago, but only Six Flying Dragons, this 50-episode drama, gave me the weird moment that I could witness so many changes and growth in myself just with one drama.

Since Six Flying Dragons had six main protagonists, other 5 actors shared the burden and there was no overtime shooting at night. I think it was quite excellent filming environments. Nonetheless, I really felt like I want to die. But whenever I received a script book and recited it, it made me really happy. I thought this is the reason why I am an actor. 'How could the writers give me this great lines?', 'How could they drive me into such a moment?'. Such thoughts took me to heaven as well as to hell.

I think I should make a living as an actor. A career as an actor sometimes makes me feel so frustrated that I think, 'Damn, I want to quit this stupid job'. However, at the moment when I start acting, when I'm entering into the atmosphere while the camera is rolling...at the moment when I witness another myself in my own eyes, it gives me a big thrill. I'm happy for being an actor. Thank you all the audiences, TV viewers, for making it possible for me to live as an actor. I'll do my best. Thank you."