Rob Marciano: ABC Weatherman Suddenly Fired Two Years After He Was Banned from 'Good Morning America' Over 'Anger Issues'

The reason for Marciano's termination at this time remains unknown, as neither he nor ABC has provided any comments on the matter.

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ABC News weatherman Rob Marciano was reportedly fired on Tuesday, a year after he was temporarily removed from the air due to "anger management issues," according to sources. Marciano, who had appeared on "Good Morning America" and "World News Tonight" for ten years, made news last year following complaints about his behavior over the years.

Marciano, a Cornell graduate, suddenly disappeared from " Good Morning America" in March 2022 during the breakdown of his marriage to ex-wife Eryn Marciano. He was then banned from entering the studio in March 2023 after an incident involving a female colleague and had been accused of making multiple colleagues "feel uncomfortable" in his presence.

Fired at Last

Rob Marciano
Rob Marciano X

After a month off the air, Marciano was reassigned to ABC's World News Tonight, which operates from a different studio, where he reported from the field. However, according to the New York Post, he was fired on Tuesday after two years of exile from the flagship morning show.

The reason for Marciano's termination at this time remains unknown, as neither he nor ABC has provided any comments on the matter.

Marciano's last report, posted on April 28, was from Shreveport, La., where he covered the aftermath of powerful hurricanes such as Katrina and Rita for Earth Week.

As of Tuesday morning, he was still active on Instagram, reposting ABC News content, including a video about a storm chaser in Nebraska.

While the specifics of the incident between Marciano and his colleague last year are unclear, another source told the outlet that he had been contending with some "anger management issues" while going through a divorce from his wife.

Marciano and his wife were married for 11 years and have two children together.

"He made people feel uncomfortable. There was a period where there were some issues, a number of alarming events," the second source claimed.

"There were times when [Marciano] was very cranky and angry ... unsavory behavior on his part. He was pulled off to deal with it and he's been back."

Going Through Bitter Divorce

Rob Marciano
Rob Marciano with his wife Eryn Marciano X

According to Page Six, the network's employee relations department removed Marciano from the air for a month following an alleged incident involving a female co-worker. However, "GMA" executive producer Simone Swink reportedly refused to allow him back into the studio several months later.

"She's no-nonsense and is very serious. She's focused on the work and wants to keep [her staff] focused and happy. She's very protective of her team," the second source said.

Swink was appointed the top job in 2021 during a tumultuous period for "GMA," which saw former boss Michael Corn ousted from the network amid allegations of sexual assault by two women. Corn has denied these claims.

Sources claim that Swink tried to focus on the show without distractions and thus continued to keep Marciano away from the set.

"Any decision made about the team is based first and foremost on protecting the culture and enabling our people to focus on the work of news-gathering — free of distraction," a source familiar with the situation told Page Six at the time.

After earning a degree in meteorology from Cornell University, Marciano began his career at local television and radio stations in Oregon, Louisiana, and Connecticut. He later transitioned to a co-hosting role on "Entertainment Tonight" before becoming a meteorologist and anchor for CNN. He joined ABC in 2014.

This article was first published on May 1, 2024