Houston Restaurant Worker Arrested After Getting Caught on Video Putting His Genitals in Food

Othello Larenzo Holmes
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A Houston restaurant employee has been arrested after he was captured on video sticking his genitals into open food items at a Harris County restaurant and possessing several videos of child pornography on his cellphone, according to charging documents.

Othello Larenzo Holmes, 27, has been charged with five counts of possession of child pornography and indecent assault, as reported by Click2Houston.

Holmes Told Investigators He Did it to Satisfy 'Sexual Urge'

An investigation was launched on April 4 after a Harris County deputy responded to a report filed by the downtown Houston restaurant's manager. Upon arriving, the deputy was shown a video of Holmes placing his penis into open food items at the location, records show.

Holmes reportedly confessed to putting his genitals in jelly, stating "he had a sexual urge, however, he stopped himself before he ejaculated." He also admitted to having these urges frequently and has a history of sexual offenses, saying he has a problem with these sexual urges and needs help, records show. It was not clear from the documents if this was Holmes' first time allegedly contaminating the food with his genitals.

Investigators Also Found Child Pornography During a Search of Holmes' Home
Holmes was subsequently charged with indecent assault, which led to further investigation by the Harris County District Attorney's Office Digital Forensic Unit.

During a forensic analysis of his cellphone, investigators discovered over 100 images and five videos of child pornography. The videos contained children between the ages of infancy and teens engaged in sexual intercourse and various sexual acts, according to the documents.

Records show an image was also found in the device, showing a chat conversation on Telegram, a social media platform. The conversation was reportedly between Holmes and another username "Princess" in a chat room named the "Devil Lair." In the conversation, Holmes says, "Super pervy yesterday. I wish I had access to kids," and Princess says, "I wish you did too (cry face emoji)," records show.

Two more videos were extracted, which show Holmes fondling his genitals while lying near an unidentified child, who appears to be under 6 years old, according to documents. Investigators stated he was identified as the man in the video by the tattoos on his arm and the bedding seen in other videos.