Why Was Gabriel Salazar Chased by Cops? Tire Deflection Attempt Resulted in Car Crash?

Young TikTok star Gabriel Salazar's death has left his family and fans devastated. According to reports, Salazar, 19, was killed in a fiery car crash in Texas that killed three other passengers. The incident took place at about 1:20 AM when a Crystal City police officer attempted a traffic stop of the car Salazar was driving in.

Reportedly, the police officer informed the deputies that he was in pursuit of the car, a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro driving on Highway 83 near La Pryor. The deputy then joined the other officer, who was attempting to deploy a tire deflection device that was unsuccessful, according to the Zavala County Sheriff's Office.

"The Chevrolet Camaro drove off the road, over-corrected, and traveled across the roadway, onto the west barrow ditch," a DPS said. "The vehicle struck some trees, rolled several times, and the vehicle caught fire," he further added, according to the People's report.

Gabriel Salazar
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Why was Gabriel Salazar Chased by Cops?

Moreover, it is yet unknown why the popular TikTok star was chased by the cops. Reports suggest police said that an investigation is underway. However, they didn't disclose the real reason behind chasing Salazar leading to the untimely demise of him and his friends. Meanwhile, the People tried to contact the authorities for more information regarding the incident, but they did not immediately respond to their request.

The Texas Department of Public Safety also revealed that all three passengers were Mexican citizens and have been identified as Jose Luis Jimenez-Mora, 41, Sergio Espinoza-Flores, 36 and Jose Molina-Lara, 23. Salazar and the passengers died after suffering from the injuries in the dangerous car crash.

Who was Gabriel Salazar?

Salazar was popularly known for handling Gabenotbabe on TikTok. His lip-syncing video posts and skits on social media garnered much attention from fans worldwide.

The loved ones of Salazar have created a GoFundMe to raise money for his funeral expenses. They also expressed that they didn't want to get into the details of the incident as it's hard for them to even talk about the loss and pain. The GoFundMe in the name of Salazar has already raised over $38,000 and still counting.

"Gabriel loved his family and was always horsing around with [his] sister and little brother. He was always there with a big hug and smile, and his family will never forget those warm moments," organizer Chris Vasquez wrote on the page.