Why is Twitter shutting down its business app Twitter Dashboard?

The company announced that Dashboard will be entirely stopped on and from February 3, 2017.


In a vague move, micro-blogging site Twitter said it is shutting down its Dashboard feature, which allows businesses a suite of tools to track tweets, schedule posts, access analytics, monitor tweets about their brand or other keywords and more.

The company announced that Dashboard will be entirely stopped from February 3, 2017, but it has not come up with any solid transition plan in terms of how businesses will now be able to access similar features in the site in any alternative way.

Instead, Twitter has only said that it "hopes" to bring the best features from Dashboard to the broader Twitter community in the months ahead. The abrupt decision and the ambiguous announcement of bringing similar features are not very promising, though.

The product did not have a large install base, and that might be the reason behind the shutdown of it. According to App Annie Twitter Dashboard was ranked as low as no. 432 in the "Business Apps" category on iTunes. Dashboard also saw some overlap with Twitter Engage, a tool for celebrities and other influencers, announced around the same time, which also included analytics.

Twitter announced it was closing down Vine this past fall, and will only maintain a simple camera app in its place. It has also created less need for users to install its Periscope standalone app by integrating live streaming capabilities into Twitter itself.

This article was first published on January 12, 2017