Why is Sandara Park Living in a Hotel Instead of Home; Former 2NE1 Member Reveals Reason

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park posted pictures of her enjoying her hotel stay. Here is why the singer is preferring hotels to home!

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park's latest Instagram posts have made her fans wonder why is their idol living in a hotel, not at home. Netizens started asking this question after the singer posted images of her living in a lavish hotel room.

Sandara Park has been living in a hotel for quite some time now. The singer has revealed the reason behind her extended hotel stay. She called her situation, 'project live alone' and told her stay was comfortable. So, fans need not worry as the KPop idol is enjoying her stay and here is what she has to say about her new 'project'.

Sandara Park
Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park posted pictures of her enjoying her hotel stay. Instagram

Sandara Park's 'Project Live Alone'

"It all started because of home renovations, busy schedules and the fact that I wanted to live by myself for a change, project 'live alone'! It's so nice, so very nice. Obviously, I've been living comfortably since it's a hotel," said Sandara Park.

Sandara Park
Sandara Park expressed her love for Korean-style breakfast. Instagram

The singer also added that all she missed was a laundry machine and a stove. "Really, it's like my own home it's so nice! If it had a stove and a laundry machine, it would be perfect!" the singer said. Earlier, she had also posted a picture of a Korean breakfast spread. This is one more thing she likes about staying in a hotel. She had captioned the image: I get to eat breakfast, nice. Ahh it's so good! Whenever I stay at a Korean hotel, I always eat a Korean-style breakfast," the singer had boasted.

The photos were posted when the singer was taking a break of two days after working continuously for two months. Her latest Instagram pictures show her leaving the hotel for work. "After two days off in almost two months, I schedule again! One day, I only slept, one day, I digested my schedule and now returning to my schedule," Sandara Park captioned the picture.

Sadara is currently busy with her appearances in the variety shows including Idol League Season 3, Video Star and Celeb Beauty 3. She made her debut in Korea in 2009 through 2NE1. But the group was disbanded in 2016 and the singer is pursuing her solo career since then.

In one of her earlier interviews, Sandara had spoken about the misconceptions people had about her. After starting her solo career, people did not see her much on the stage and assumed that she was unemployed. So, whenever she posted photos of her being abroad or relaxing, they would pose the question if she was playing every day and travelling all the time.

"Honestly, let's say I'm filming a movie. That takes a minimum of three to four months and up to a year if longer, but [all of that work] results in a final product that is two hours [long]. We also film a web drama for a week that results in 60 minutes," she said.

Giving more details into this, the singer also said, "We work where people don't see us and work hard without sleep, but what people see is just one hour. For Get It Beauty, we film for 12 hours. It's very difficult and many people work really hard."

"When I come overseas for filming, events, and other things, even my friends look at my Instagram and say, 'You're going on a trip again. You live a fun life.' But what do you know about me?" questioned Sandara Park. So, those who are wondering about the singer's hotel stay, her answer of how she is enjoying her 'project live alone' should be enough to quench their curiosity.

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