Sandara Park to sink her teeth into new vampire role for upcoming movie

Health Trainer suggests movie might be action-oriented.

Sandara Park
Actress Sandara Park with Lee Won-jun (left), the director of '107th Year of Night.'

South Korean singer and actor Sandara Park, popularly known as Dara, is going to star in a new action movie, as a blood-sucking vampire. The movie has been picked up by YG K+, the model management subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

As noted by Koreaboo, the director of the movie, Lee Won-jun confirmed the news in his official Instagram account stating, "A new project is starting. With 'Actress Sandara Park'."The movie will be called '107th Year of Night,' it was revealed.

Director Lee Won-jun has uploaded a few rough production photos and some concept art, one of which features a rough sketch of a female vampire with her fangs jutting out the side of her mouth. This might be the role Sandara Park is cast for.

Various other sketches reveal that the character will also sport wild, wavy hair and long sharp nails like a typical female vampire. Other black and white photos suggest that the movie will be city-centric and feature a lot of skyscrapers and other modern structures.

Koreaboo also notes that a health trainer attached with the production has revealed that the new movie might be action-oriented. Trainer Park Ji-ho wrote on his Instagram, "107th Year of Night's director Lee Won Jun uploaded the practice video I filmed for Sandara Park and Kang Seung-yeon." He also added that the movie was a perfect action vehicle and that Sandara Park offered him pudding to eat.

It isn't known at this stage whether Sandara Park's role will be that of a dark villainous character or a conflicted anti-hero. There have been quite a few memorable vampires on-screen in films. The most memorable ones belong to Max Schreck in 'Nosferatu (1922), Béla Lugosi in 1931's Dracula, which is the most famous example. Other great films include 'Interview with the Vampire' (1994) and the series of Hammer Horror films starring Christopher Lee.

The first female vampire oriented film was the 1936 American film 'Dracula's daughter,' a sequel to the 1931 film. Then there were films like 'The Vampire Lovers' (1970) which featured evil lesbian vampires. The Len Wiseman directed 2003 film 'Underworld', starring Kate Beckinsale as a female anti-hero vampire, spawned a series of sequels. Finally, 2008 Swedish romantic horror film 'Let the Right One In,' about the friendship between a bullied 12-year old boy and a vampire child who appears to be a girl, was the highlight of the genre.

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This article was first published on June 15, 2017