Why Nuke Mars? Saturday Night Live Shares Elon Musk's First Look From 'The Dogefather'

The iconic comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) shared the first look from Elon Musk's 'The Dogefather' show and the billionaire entrepreneur is seen wearing a black t-shirt with the wrods 'Nuke Mars' written across his chest.

Musk also wore a black balaclava face mask and is seen looking at a bunch of papers while seated on a desk with a microphone and it looks like the Tesla CEO is reciting his dialogues and comedy timing.

Elon Musk Saturday Night Live SNL Preparations
Elon Musk preparing for his upcoming Saturday Night Live show. Twitter / Saturday Night Live

Why The Term 'Nuke Mars'?

Twitter is rife with speculations that Elon Musk's skit might have something to do with Mars and might pit it with a fight against the Moon. Musk has repeatedly tweeted ''Dogecoin to the moon'' and also predicted that Doge would someday be accepted as a legal currency on the moon.

Users claim the skit probably might show Dogecoins or Shiba the dog reaching the moon and this would cause a war like situation with other neighbouring planets. However, all these are just speculations and the show's content is not revealed by the show makers.

One thing is for sure that his favourite cryptocurrency Dogecoin would be the central part of the skit as the name suggests all by itself as 'The Dogefather'. It's still unsure if Musk would wear this t-shirt on the show during its premier on May 8.

Musk's Picture Breaks Out In To A 'War of Masks'

As soon as SNL shared Musk's picture on their official Twitter handle, several users pointed out the fact that the Tesla CEO is not wearing an appropriate face mask and is just covering his face with a balaclava, which doesn't protect a person from contracting Covid-19, putting the staff of SNL at risk.

Musk has been a Covid-19 denier right from the beginning and enraged users tweeted, ''Make him put a real mask on wtf,'' while another said, ''No caption. Speaks volumes. You'd think someone at NBC would make him wear a real mask?''

Several others hit out at SNL saying, ''Damn y'all not even making him wear a real mask,'' while another tagged SNL by saying, ''That's not a proper mask.''

Masks aside, investors of Dogecoin are excited about the show and are hoping the cryptocurrency to touch the $1 mark after its premier and have pumped it money hoping it to rise to record heights.