Chinese Americans Fund 'Proud Boys' to Prevent BLM and Antifa's Communist Takeover of USA

A growing number of Chinese Americans and expats from abroad are embracing far-right groups such as Proud Boys. A report says that they fear left-wing groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter which they believe are working towards making the United States a communist country. They had left left China and moved to the US in the first place to stay away from dictatorships.

It is reported that Chinese Americans, expats from China, Taiwan and even Hong Kong have donated around $106,107 in a fundraising event organized by Proud Boys in an effort to cover the medical expenses suffered by their group members after being attacked viciously by Antifa thugs and BLM supporters, as per a USA Today report.

Proud Boys
Proud Boys members during the bloody Charlottesville rally in 2017. Many in the government see the group as a threat to domestic security Wikimedia Commons

Trump Standing Between America and a Communist Takeover

USA Today spoke to several Chinese Americans on why they support far-right group such as the Proud Boys and majority of them revealed that they donated as they're the only group that's fighting against Antifa and BLM. They also revealed that they support former president Donald Trump and even Alex Jones, as they're the only ones standing between America and a communist takeover.

''You have to understand how we feel – we came from communist China and we managed to come here and we appreciate it here so much,'' said Rebecca Kwan to USA Today who donated $500 to the fundraiser.

She continued saying BLM and Antifa have contributed nothing to society but only destroyed and burnt down places of businesses. ''The Proud Boys are for Trump and they are fighting Antifa, and can you see anything good that Antifa did except destroy department stores and small businesses?''

Among the $106,107 raised by Proud Boys, 80% of the amount, $86,000, came from Asian expats, according to a hacked data from GiveSendGo which was posted on the whistleblower website Distributed Denial of Secrets.

The donations from Chinese Americans and expats come as surprise as Proud Boys is accused of spreading white supremacy and fights for the rights of whites only, while seeing other race as inferior and taking over America.

As per court filings, 18 Proud Boys members have been arrested in connection with the Capitol riots on January 6, and are facing charges ranging from conspiracy to assaulting police officers. Six other people have been charged with accompanying the group during the insurrection.