Why Did Twitter Temporarily Limit Access to Donald Trump Jr's Account?

The son of the US President posted a video on the social media site that went viral on all online platforms

The social media platform Twitter has restricted Donald Trump Jr's ability of tweeting after he posted a clip that had a doctor named Stella Immanuel making false claims about the coronavirus or COVID-19 cures.

In the video, the doctor can be seen stating that people do not need to wear masks to prevent the virus from spreading as there is a cure for the disease, which is hydroxychloroquine, a spokesperson of the Twitter stated on Tuesday, as reported by CNN.

Few of the functionalities of the account, which include the ability to tweet, are going to be limited for around 12 hours, according to the spokesperson. The clip that got published by Breitbart News went viral on all social media platforms. The video featured a group of doctors making some outlandish claims regarding the coronavirus, including the one related to the masks.

Trump Jr's Twitter Account Suspended

Donald Trump Jr
Donald Trump Jr Wikimedia Commons

The social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube deleted the video as it went viral citing the reason that the content of the clip was spreading COVID-19 misinformation. The clip was also retweeted by the US President Donald Trump on Twitter, but he did not upload the version of the video on the website. But his son did, due to which Twitter only took action against him, a company spokesperson stated.

The spokesperson of Trump Jr. had previously tweeted that Twitter had suspended the account of the president's son. The social media platform mentioned in a statement that the account did not get permanently suspended. Twitter has asked Trump Jr. to delete the tweet having the video. It has been removed from public view by the company.

The deadly novel virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world and especially in the US. The US President has been advertising the use of hydroxychloroquine for quite some time and the doctor in the video mentioned that after using it around 350 of her patients got cured.

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