Why did Lewis Hamilton sell his private jet and luxury cars?

The 34-year-old driver who is on the verge of winning his sixth world driver's title wants to become carbon neutral at the end of the year

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton. Instagram

British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has reportedly stated that he has sold his private jet, some of his luxury cars and has reduced using single-use plastics as he wants to be carbon neutral by the end of the year. The 34-year-old racer said that he is quite concerned about the environmental issues around the world and he wants to reduce his carbon footprint.

The ace driver who is on the verge of sealing his sixth world driver's title also emphasised on the fact that he has the right to speak out on environmental issues even though he is associated with Formula One which is responsible for high carbon footprints.

The 34-year-old Mercedes driver has even sold some of his luxury cars and switched to hybrid or electric models and said that he is even working with his Mercedes team with a more environmental approach. He also mentioned that he thinks that everything needs to be recycled and the star is trying to bring change in his life accordingly.

However, the racer said that he has no plans of shifting from Formula One to the all-electric Formula E series and accepted all the criticism he faced for talking about reducing carbon footprint while being associated with Formula One. He stated that he has the right to speak about issues which can bring many positive changes in the world.

The other F1 drivers including the likes of Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull's British-born Thai racer Alexander Albon also supported the claims of the British driver. Vettel further mentioned that Formula One should do more for the betterment of the world as they do not leave the smallest carbon footprint.

The 34-year-old British driver is going to start third as Ferrari's star driver Charles Leclerc has got the position after Max Verstappen got stripped of it at the Mexican GP. Hamilton is enjoying a 64 points lead in the driver's points table over his fellow teammate Valtteri Bottas.

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