Why Aren't You in Africa?: Woman Throws Glass Bottle at Black Jogger, Hurls Racial Slur [VIDEO]

The white woman who was involved in the incident is now being investigated for a hate crime by the New York Police Department

A video of a white woman hurling a glass bottle at a black woman jogging in a Queens neighborhood before calling her the N-word has set the social media ablaze.

Tiffany Johnson was jogging at 53rd Place and Broadway in Woodside around noon on August 17 when the racially-motivated incident took place. Johnson did not report the attack until a friend saw the shocking video footage on social media.

'Motherf**king N*gger'

woman throws bottle at black jogger
A still from the video that was released by the NYPD. Twitter

The video, released by NYPD on Wednesday, shows the white woman sipping from a glass bottle as she approaches a corner and then suddenly throws it at Johnson, who's jogging by. The bottle breaks and a confused Johnson turns around before the attacker yells, "Get out! Get the f-ck out!". When Johnson asks the woman what the problem was, she snaps back saying, "Why aren't you in Africa, motherf**king n*gger!".

Johnson then runs off and was luckily unharmed by the bottle aimed at her. "At the time, I just wanted to move on with my life and forget it ever happened," Johnson said. "I was glad it got caught (on video) and I could take it to the police."

At first, she said she thought the hateful woman had mistaken her for someone else, before realizing that she can see the color of her skin due to which the woman reacted. "It's when she started screaming, 'go back to Africa,' that's when I realized she meant me," she added.

To Be Investigated as Hate Crime

"It's a hate crime," Johnson said. "It's not acceptable. She has to be [held] responsible for her behavior." The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is now investigating the incident and are seeking the public's help to identify the woman.

The police have described the suspect as a light-skinned woman in her 40s who appears to have a foreign accent. She is about 5-foot-5, 160 pounds, and has blue eyes and long blonde hair, police said. She was last seen wearing dark sunglasses, a black tank top, and white shorts. Anyone with information has been asked to reach out to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.