Who is Zhanna Volkova? Putin's Former Son-in-Law Kirill Shamalov Snatches UK Socialite's Daughter

A UK-based socialite has revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin's son-in-law and her husband stole her child. Zhanna Volkova said that she is being prevented from meeting her child.

She had married Kirill Shamalov, Russia's youngest billionaire. Previously Shamalov was married to Putin's youngest daughter Katerina Tikhonova and their marriage ended in 2013.

Zhanna Volkova and Kirill Shamalov
Zhanna Volkova and Kirill Shamalov Twitter

Volkova and Shamalov Had Their Child in October

Volkova and Shamalov were married in 2018 and their baby was born via a surrogate in October. The socialite has been warned of attempting to see her child by an associate of her now-estranged husband.

Shamalov had revealed they were trying for a child soon after they got married but after multiple failed attempts of IVF, they had hired a surrogate.

However, by the time the pregnancy reached the last stage, the relations between the two broke down and Volkova had left for London. Since then the two had no contact with the surrogate who was caring for their child.

Zhanna Volkova
Zhanna Volkova Twitter

With regard to the matter, Volkova revealed that she was stuck in the UK with COVID-19 and she flew to Moscow as early as she could.

However, when Shamalov met Volkova in Moscow, he revealed that he has a new girlfriend and he would not give a divorce to Volkova to hurt her.

She was also demanded to sign away her rights to see the baby by Shamalov's lawyers but she refused.

She says she was afraid and took the first flight out of Moscow. 'I heard he named her Anna, though we had agreed on Elizabeth after the Queen. Russian police don't want to know so I'm opening the case here in London', according to the Daily Mail.

Shamalov in Relationship With Daughter of Top FSB General

Shamalov is believed to be in a relationship with the daughter of a top FSB general.

Anastasia Zadorina, the general's daughter who is a fashion designer by profession, was last week in Dubai for Shamalov's 40th birthday.

Currently, Volkova resides in London with a teenage son from a previous marriage and her twin sisters. She is set to divorce Shamalov and has a prenuptial agreement worth £45million.

'I live with this small picture. I want her to know she has a mother who didn't run away from her. He can keep the £45million. I just want to see her,' she said.