Putin Boosting Sex Drive? Russian President Takes Bath in Deer Antler Blood That Boosts Male Potency - Report

Russian President Vladimir Putin takes bath in the blood of deer antlers which reportedly helps him to boost his sex drive, unverified reports have claimed. He is believed to be exercising this ancient therapy for his potency. The practice which is also known as 'natural viagra', is condemned by pro-animal groups but it is popular among powerful people in the world.

Putin has been visiting a clinic in Siberia, according to the Russian investigative journalism outlet Proekt, which stated that the clinic is situated in the Altai Mountains that provide a number of health benefits including male potency.

Deer antler
Deer antler Deer antler

The Russian President was earlier warned that there is no benefit of bathing in antler blood as there is no proven study that can justify the claim. But despite the suggestions, Putin continued with that practice as potential he is liking practice. Therefore, Putin has visited the clinic multiple times.

Antler Baths

In spring, Altai red deer horns, or antlers, grow at an enormous rate of several centimeters a day. At this moment the antlers are not yet ossified, they are soft and full of blood. Extracts from these horns is said to have a therapeutic effect (people supposedly benefit from antler baths), so there is a whole industry for the extraction of pantocrine. For this purpose, red deer are tied or clamped on a special machine, lifted so that they hang helplessly, and the living horns are cut off — often with an ordinary hacksaw, according to Proekt.

However, animal rights groups have criticized the practice and termed it severe torture of animals.

How Did Putin Know About Antler Baths?

Putin is believed to be an animal-friendly leader and his public appearances have also suggested this fact. But such practice shows another side of the Russian leader.

russia president vladimir putin
Russia President Vladimir Putin Reuters

Putin would have been taken to this practice by former minister of emergency situations Sergei Shoigu as he was the first person in the Russian elite who was interested in antler baths.

Shoigu, in the mid-2000s, took Putin to the Altai clinic for the first time suggesting to him the benefit of the practice. Since then Putin has been frequently visiting the clinic.

However, it remains astonishing how the Russian President believes in such an unscientific process especially when his inner circle and most of his relatives are physicians.