Who Is Yue Yu? California Dermatologist Arrested for Poisoning Husband After He Plants Hidden Camera to Catch Her in the Act

Chen also told police that he had been suffering from unexplained pain in his body for about a month.

A California dermatologist has been arrested for allegedly poisoning her husband, leaving him with serious injuries after he set up a hidden camera to catch the wife red-handed. Yue Yu, 45, was arrested last week after police executed a search warrant at the couple's $2.5 million property in Irvine. Yue Yu sees patients at a Mission Viejo office.

According to Irvine Police Department Lt. Bill Bingham, the husband, Jack Chen, 53, installed video surveillance after growing suspicious of his wife. Chen started growing suspicious after he started experiencing pain in his body for over a month. However, he is expected to recover from his injuries.

Sleeping With the Enemy

Yue Yu
Yue Yu Twitter

Yu was arrested outside her Mission Viejo dermatologist clinic on Thursday evening around 6 pm, some 15 miles from her home in Irvine, California, according to Lt. Bill Bingham. Irvine Police Department said that on Thursday Yu's husband Chen called them up and shared that he was "being poisoned by his wife" and said he had "video evidence to share."

Chen also told police that he had been suffering from unexplained pain in his body for about a month. Investigators reviewed the video and then arrested Yu.

Yue Yu
Yue Yu seen mixing poison in Chen food. Twitter

"His condition became increasingly worse and based on the husband examining his routine and looking at what could be causing it, he grew suspicious of his wife and put a hidden camera in place that captured her poisoning him," Irvine police Lt. Bill Bingham told The Post Monday.

Police also said that Chen is still experiencing discomfort in his body. He suffered "significant internal injuries", but is expected to recover, Bingham told the Register.

However, according to inmate records from the Orange County Jail, Yu was released on Friday after posting a $30,000 bond. She is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Motive Unknown

Yue Yu
Yue Yu's husband Chen seen consuming the poisoned food Twitter

Yu's motive behind allegedly poisoning her husband is still unknown. It is also not known how Yu was poisoning her husband. The dermatologist's work headshot has been taken down from the website of her workplace, the Mission Viejo-based Providence Healthcare organization.

In a statement to the Register, the hospital said it was fully cooperating with the police investigation.

Yu, who also goes by the first name Emily, studied medicine at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and works at Providence Mission Hospital, according to her online bio.

Yue Yu
Yue Yu Twitter

Bingham also declined to go into further detail or offer more specifics about the alleged poisoning, citing an ongoing investigation. According to him, detectives are currently looking into probable motives.

"The allegations that were made by the husband was incredibly serious and we thought it was important to take quick investigative action on the case based on the allegation," Bingham said.

An Orange County District Attorney's Office spokesman said that prosecutors were examining the accusations to decide whether to file charges. According to court records acquired by The New York Post, Chen claimed he was the victim of domestic abuse when he requested an emergency restraining order in Orange County on Friday.

A hearing had been scheduled for August 18. He also filed for divorce on Friday. The couple have been married since July 2012 and have two kids, ages 7 and 8.