Who is Wyatt Busby? Cellmate who allegedly killed serial killer Billy Chermirmir inside jail

Busby, already serving a 50-year sentence for a separate murder conviction in 2016,

In a tragic turn of events within a Texas prison, Wyatt Busby, 39, allegedly stabbed his cellmate, Billy Chemirmir, 50, who was convicted of smothering 22 elderly women in their homes. The incident, reported by the Office of the Inspector General on Monday, occurred last month in a rural East Texas facility.

According to reports, Chemirmir a serial killer, serving a life sentence for two of the murders, was fatally attacked by Busby. The altercation seemingly erupted after Chemirmir made inappropriate remarks about Busby's children. This led to a verbal confrontation escalating into physical violence, resulting in Chemirmir's death.

Witnessed by other inmates, the assault unfolded in their shared cell. Despite their accounts, officials reportedly took time to intervene, providing Busby with the opportunity to carry out the fatal act. The exact motive behind the attack remains uncertain.

District Attorney John Cuezot commented on the incident, highlighting the verbal exchange as the catalyst for the clash. However, the precise sequence of events leading to Chemirmir's death is yet to be fully clarified.

Busby, already serving a 50-year sentence for a separate murder conviction in 2016, now faces additional scrutiny for his role in Chemirmir's demise. However, as of now, there has been no official response or statement from Busby regarding the incident.

Wyatt Busby kills Chemirmir

The fatal altercation occurred amidst a statewide lockdown of Texas prisons due to a surge in violent incidents within correctional facilities. While most prisons had resumed normal operations by the time of the incident, the one where Chemirmir was killed remained under lockdown.

Chemirmir's notoriety stemmed from a series of murders he committed across the Dallas area, targeting elderly women in their homes for valuables. His arrest in 2018 led to revelations of numerous unsolved cases, resulting in his conviction for two murders and indictments for 22 others.

The forthcoming series, "Pillowcase Murders," aims to delve into the events surrounding Chemirmir's crimes and subsequent arrest. Directed by Randy Ferrell, the series promises to shed light on the authorities' oversight during Chemirmir's reign of terror.

As investigations into the prison clash continue, questions arise about the adequacy of security measures within the correctional system. The tragic outcome serves as a reminder of the dangers inherent in the prison environment, both for inmates and staff.