Horrific Video Shows Black Man Punching Elderly Man to Death in Brooklyn Street; Police Probing Drug Robbery Angle

The video of a knock-out punch which led to the death of a 61-year old man in front of his Brooklyn home has surfaced on social media. The video captures the two assailants tracking the victim on the street before punching him to the ground.

The victim, identified as Victor Vega, was left unconscious after the attack following which he was taken to the Kings County Hospital Center. According to the cops, he died five days later and his death was ruled a homicide.

brooklyn black men
The police is on a lookout for these two men involved in attack on Victor Vega. Twitter

Was Victim Part of Drug Robbery?

The incident took place on Lexington Avenue near Nostrand Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant around 8:30 p.m. on May 25. The video, which was shared on social media to help identify the attackers, shows Vega engaging in some kind of argument with two black men dressed in black hoodies.

Vega is then seen putting his hand behind the back of a one of the assailants. Suddenly the man turns around and punches the victim in the face. Vega lands on his back, half on the street and half on the sidewalk. His head lands under a parked vehicle.

The attacker is then seen removing something from Vega's pocket and later handing it to the other person. The New York Post reported that the cops are investigating whether Vega was the victim of a drug robbery.

Call on Social Media to Identify the Attackers

Since the video surfaced on social media, the users have expressed their concerns. "Always create distance between yourself and a potential attacker. Use your surroundings," tweeted a user.

"Someone knows who these ANIMALS are! They killed 61 Victor Vega right in front of his home in Brooklyn, wrote another.

"NYPD hunt for 2 maggots after 61 y/o Victor Vega is sucker-punched/killed/robbed while walking down Brooklyn street, near his home Nope, not a hate crime Dang white supremacist, the only punch they know how to throw~ #BLM," opined a user.

"Look at the Victor Vega murder in Brooklyn. It was horrific," wrote a user.

"Hmmmmmm I'm sensing a pattern in all these. Young black men dressed in all black clothing, hoodies in 90 degrees tied up around their face and masks on. Anybody else noticing it?" a user wrote while sharing the pictures of the two assailants.