Who was Xiao Qiumei? Chinese TikToker Falls 160ft To Death While Live-Streaming Dance Atop Crane

A popular social media influencer from "Douyin", a Chinese version of the TikTok app, has died after she fell 160 feet to the ground from a crane. The social media celebrity identified as Xiao Qiumei was filming a dance video inside the crane cabin when she fell to death. An eye-witness caught Qiumei's fatal fall on camera which was later posted on social media.

The video has gone viral since then. However, footage obtained by media outlets shows the camera suddenly switched to blurry images of equipment flying past the lens. While the viral video shows Qiumei falling to the ground, her family insists that the young social media star was diligent and professional about her work. They're quite confident that Qiumei couldn't have possibly used a cellphone while operating the crane.

According to reports, the family confirmed that she fell as a result of a misstep. The viral video of Qiumei's death shows her falling to the ground with her phone still in her hand on Tuesday, July 20 at around 5:40 pm when most of her co-workers had already gone home.

The Chinese social media influencer's death took place around 10-12 days after the death of influencer Sofia Cheung, who reportedly had a fatal fall while posing for a selfie at a waterfall. Cheung fell 16 feet deep near Yuen Long, Hong Kong on July 10.

Who was Xiao Qiumei
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Who was Xiao Qiumei?

Xiao Qiumei was a popular social media influencer, who was also employed as a professional crane operator. She was well-known for her videos, she mostly filmed during her job as a crane operator to post on social media. She fell from the crane while recording herself for a social-media post in Quzhou, China.

Meanwhile, there have been several cases related to crane deaths in the past and this is another such incident that has added to the growing numbers of crane-related deaths in China.

Here's the viral video:

A similar death was reported recently where an influencer Julia Hennessy, 22, died in a crash during a road trip. She was traveling with her husband who was suffered major injuries in the accident and is in critical condition.

In another tragic incident, an Indian woman in Uttar Pradesh died of a gunshot wound while trying to take a selfie with her father-in-law's single-barrel gun. The unsuspected woman placed her finger on the trigger to pose for the selfie when it went off.