OnlyFans: Love Island Star Kaila Troy Reveals Why She Sells Exclusive Photos on X-rated Site

OnlyFans adult star Kaila Troy has opened up about why she decided to join the X-rated subscription-based site in an interview. Irish Love Island star Troy, 28, is one of the six confirmed singletons who will be seen in Casa Amor soon where she is set to raise temperatures with her hot figure and sexy personality. Troy, who hails from Malahide in Dublin, had joined the adult Onlyfans platform to sell explicit photos and racy videos.

However, the Irish Love Island star cum international revealed during an interview with that she looked into creating an account on the so-called adult site but got sidetracked. However, after the Coronavirus pandemic hit, she decided to enter into the adult entertainment site.

"It's crazy because my friend told me about this platform a while ago. It's this platform that allows people to monetise the content they're posting on Instagram," DJ Troy told the media outlet adding, "I kind of looked into creating a profile and then I got sidetracked. Then, the pandemic hit and I decided to join. After two days, there was already $300 in my account."

Troy also said that she's just doing what she does. She doesn't know what other females are doing on OnlyFans, but she thinks the content on the platform doesn't have to be pornographic. "Whatever they do, I'm not doing that," the Love Islander said highlighting that the site has comedians, makeup artists and fitness influencers as well.

Kaila Troy OnlyFans
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"There is definitely a mix of people on the platform that are being smart and capitalising on their content," Troy said during the interview. She also expressed that the site is being overshadowed by negative connotations surrounding it, but she's working alongside the company to change the narrative, according to reports.

Kaila Troy Heading To Love Island Villa

DJ Kaila Troy has promised to lift the Islanders' spirits with her entry into the villa. "I think my party trick is I'm the DJ and kind of the life of the party. I create the party," Troy confessed hinting that she's keen to stir the pond of love in the villa.

Troy will be heading to Casa Amor with other five sexy singleton stunners and potentially breaking up relationships. The sexy boys and hot girls in the luxurious villa will be suddenly separated by one set of good-looking new Islanders whisked off to Casa Amor in the hope that they will stray.